Easybee’s team of virtual receptionists has a solution for boosting customer satisfaction and increasing efficiency.

When it comes to customer service, the stakes are high for small businesses. Repeated and continuous business depends on an ability to make customers happy and satisfied, and even one negative experience might cause businesses to lose a customer. Easybee wants its current and prospective customers to know: It has a solution for bolstering customer service and satisfaction.

According to customer experience statistics from 2015, 69 percent of Americans end up recommending a company to others if they have a positive experience. But, if that same experience is poor, 89 percent of customers are bound to take their business elsewhere.

One of the major factors that account for a poor customer service experience is missed calls. For instance, when clients call their local HVAC company about a broken furnace, they expect someone to answer the phone. The problem is that many of the service technicians employed there spend significant time on the road interfacing with clients and aren’t always around to answer each incoming call.

Easybee virtual receptionists provide a solution for small businesses that are looking to prevent costly mistakes. Unanswered calls cost small businesses significant revenue, which ultimately affects their bottom line.

Easybee offers a variety of customizable plans to suit an individual business’s needs and budget. A plan with fewer minutes might make sense for a company that just needs coverage when its full-time receptionist is on vacation or out sick, while a plan with more minutes makes sense for an SMB that needs continuous coverage.

When a small business uses a virtual receptionist, customers speak to a knowledgeable, live person instead of entering a telephone tree or voicemail system every time they call. This can help improve customer satisfaction and, hopefully, increase profits.

Utilizing a virtual answering service is often less expensive than hiring a full-time employee, and it provides a reliable way for customers to communicate with a business they rely on for service.

A virtual receptionist service goes beyond just answering the phone, though: Lead collection, order processing, call forwarding and message relaying are just a few services that Easybee offers along with their plans. These can help businesses improve efficiency, generate new business and further maintain customer satisfaction.

Small businesses interested in looking for a way to mitigate missed calls and improve customer communication can contact Easybee directly or visit its website at Easybee.buzz

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