The is the latest binary options trading website that has been making heads turn in the auto trading industry with its complex list of functions and functionalities. Ever since the launch of Neo2 Software a couple of years ago, its exponentially growing list of brokers and first time traders, is a witness to the fact that it is not just another scam, but an elaborate and delicately trading algorithm that guarantees a whopping 86% success rate.

Neo2_software_scam_review-300x167One of the key aspects they focused on was low latency. This is absolutely essential for binary options and short term trading in general. This is because speed is everything in this case so auto signals are always up to date and accurate. As the market continuously and unpredictably fluctuates, making sure you have the latest and most accurate information is absolutely essential.

This software is based on the Weather Forecasting and Solar Trading in combination with trading algorithms. Since the climate has a major effect on so many aspects of the market it is easy to understand that with a specific algorithm monitoring and forecasting environmental, solar, and weather factors you could get an interesting insight as to what direction stocks will go. These trends are carefully monitored and identified allowing you information not only seconds, but weeks in advance.

This of course is where Jack Piers comes in. His role in this software was to introduce the Solar Tracker. Once introduced and understood, Amit Gupta put his skills to work and programmed it into the Auto-Trader feature. You can easily activate this feature and take advantage of the most accurate and most advanced trades.

Unlike many of the other systems out there, the NEO2 actually has 3 functions. Other software, mainly the numerous scams if a software really exists behind some of the websites, gather their information through technical analysis. Many of the scams don’t even have a technical analysis and simply feed the traders fake signals until they have lost all of their money and move on. The three basic functions in the control panel are:

  • NEO2 Sync activating the Solar Tracker
  • Trade Algorithm activating auto-pilot
  • Lastly, “Start Now” which I think is pretty straightforward


Well, one thing is for sure. I did not recognize any of the individuals in the videos and photos as actors, more specifically, Fiverr actors. The beta testers actually seem genuine for the first time. You will not see the typical push for time which is always the biggest issue for most because it prevents them from doing proper research prior to signing up. Lastly, the website is simple. There are no “Live Trades” widgets or scrolling winning traders, or any other flashy and annoying marketing distractions. There are too good to be true claims and marketing manipulations that completely put you off guard and nearly force you to sign up. Here they provide you with the information and do not urge or push you in any way.

Although there are plans in the pipeline for monetizing the service in the near future, currently, users can now enjoy all the services completely free of any charge with the initial minimum investment being $250.

The incredulously increasing popularity of NEO2 trading app is a witness to the fact that it is not one of those scams, but rather a genuine binary trading option which can help you earn close to $3500 per week.