A New Travel & Entertainment App Called Gratis Provides Up to Date Information On South Florida Free Events

Summary: A brand new app has been launched on iTunes to provide tourists and South Florida residents with information on free local events. These events include family events, nightlife, classes, and job fairs. The app is free and is easy to use. It helps families save money when wanting to spend quality time together.

A new app for South Florida has been launched on iTunes and Android that helps families save money. It provides a fast solution to finding all the free citywide events taking place including family events, nightlife, classes, job fairs, and so much more. The App, which is called Gratis, is a free app that has become one of the most recommended new apps of 2015 for people living in and visiting South Florida.

South Florida has so much going on, but trying to find out what events are taking place can involve a great deal of research. That research can take even longer when trying to stick to a budget and find events that are free for the whole family to enjoy. Some people spend hours searching for free events and things to do in South Florida, but now, with the Gratis App that research can take seconds.

The App is easy to use and allows the user to search different types of events. By choosing an event of interest, which could include a family event, nightlife, or classes, the app will then list all the free events that are coming up. It will also provide directions to the event and other relevant information.

Gratis was invented to help mothers find places to go that were free for their children. It was intended to provide mothers with a way to find inexpensive things to do for the whole family to enjoy.

A spokesman for Gratis said: “As a single mother of 2 kids I always tried to find things fun, inexpensive things for my kids and I to do. I would spend a few hours a week searching different websites for things to do around the city. After some research, I noticed that many other parents were on the same boat as me, which is when I came with the concept of having a one stop shop resource containing all of this information.”

Although Gratis was aimed at mothers living in South Florida, it quickly became known around the world. Tourists visiting South Florida are now using the app to find places to visit that are free. It provides them with a source of information on things that are happening in South Florida that are free.

The App which provides information for the South Florida area, including Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties has received positive reviews from users and app reviewers. It has been hailed as an important tool for families who want to go out more with their children without worrying about the expense.

To learn more about the App, please visit the iTunes or Google Play links below: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gratis./id1057764695?ls=1&mt=8#

About Gratis
Gratis is a new App that provides information on free events that are taking place in South Florida. The app has become an important tool for mothers looking for events to keep their children occupied. It is available for free from iTunes and Google Play.