Franklin Maria, a successful Miami entrepreneur, just wanted to purchase another gas station to add to a few he already owned in Greater Miami. Little did he know this little gas station would change the course of his life and business endeavors.

This was back in 2005. The new gas station came with a small liquor store. Mr. Maria mentioned to the seller that once the purchase was completed, he intended to tear down the tiny liquor store on the property. He had plans to turn it into an automated car wash for his gas station clients. The seller told him: “Franklin, why don’t you run it for a little while…maybe you’ll like it?” Well, that’s exactly what he did. Mr. Maria did not like it, he LOVED it! He quickly learned of so many fine wines, liquors, beers, and cognacs that were available to sell from all over the globe.

Fast forward eleven years, there are now 12 successful stores. Liquormart stores are fast becoming powerhouses where consumers can get everything from beers, wines, cognacs,and even the best champagnes delivered right to their doorsteps though Liquormart’s innovative delivery App and website.

Mr. Maria has come a long way from that first tiny liquor store!

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