The Rezende twins of Davie, Florida have teamed up with pop artist and entertainer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jordan York, to create a song and video outlining their journey of their soccer career titled “We Can Dream.” The song and music video and will be released in early August of 2016.

23-year-old Calvin and Conner Rezende of Davie, Florida are the only set of twins who play professional soccer on the same team in United States. The twins are signed to the Miami FC soccer team where they currently are midfielders.The Rezende twins have trained and played soccer in Spain, Brazil, and Italy before they signed their first professional contract with Miami FC in January of 2016. Calvin and Conner Rezende currently take online classes at St. Francis University and they will graduate in May of 2017 with degrees in business/organizational leadership. Pittsburgh pop artist and entertainer, Jordan York, has been pursuing music for five years now and was eager to create a song and video for the twins that truly tells their story. “Coming back home to Miami to do a song for the twins is a dream come true. I can’t wait to see what happens with this,” York said.

The idea for “We Can Dream” arose in late may when the Rezende twins Media Director, Mike McMullen, contacted York about creating a song and video about the up and coming soccer players.

“I approached Jordan on May 28, 2016 with the idea and after several weeks of negotiating we signed a deal on July 1, 2016. The Twins have the greatest potential to help any team in the world to win a championship. They have more drive and passion for the game than anyone I have ever met. This video shares the greatest soccer story in North America in decades. I am glad to be a part of this.” McMullen said

The video that will feature Jordan and the twins and is being filmed in the twin’s hometown of Davie, Florida, as well as South Beach, Florida from July 24, 2016 to July 26, 2016. The video is set to release in early August of 2016.

“We are excited to partner with a great recording artist from Pittsburgh Jordan York, to make our video, and share our path to pro with the world. It is an honor to be apart of this and we look forward to a great partnership for years to come with Jordan.” the Rezende twins said.

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