The literary world is abuzz with excitement as acclaimed author Rene Reid’s debut memoir, “A Nun’s Journey: To Motherhood, Heartache, and Wholeness”

RENO, NV, September 23, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The literary world is abuzz with excitement as acclaimed author Rene Reid’s debut memoir, “A Nun’s Journey: To Motherhood, Heartache, and Wholeness,” sweeps across bookshelves and captures the hearts of readers far and wide. With its heartfelt narrative and profound themes, Reid’s memoir is rapidly emerging as a must-read masterpiece that resonates with audiences on a deeply personal level.

Reid’s prose and storytelling have garnered high praise from critics and readers alike. Patricia Shevlin, author of “My NUN-Common Life,” and a former Daughter of Charity, speaks highly of Reid’s book: “Rene Reid’s book transcends boundaries. It’s a ‘must-read’ regardless of your connection to religious life or the Church. The core of the book focuses on a love story, a relationship of deep love intertwined with personal needs, leading to years of hurt, separation, reconciliation, and reunion. Rene’s journey from convent life through motherhood, various careers, relocations, and her intricate relationship with her love unveils a woman of strength, intelligence, determination, love, forgiveness, commitment, self-awareness, and empathy. Her story will resonate with everyone, making it highly recommended.”

Another reviewer stated, “The book evokes memories of the 1960s, when young women embraced religious life, only for the author to leave due to theological restrictions. The memoir unfolds with her complex relationship with her former-priest husband, interwoven with national and international news events.” Andrea praises the book as an exceptional autobiography, offering a glimpse into a bygone era.

When asked about the positive reviews she’s been getting, Reid reflects, “I am truly humbled and honored by the overwhelmingly positive response to ‘A Nun’s Journey.’ I am immensely grateful to my readers for embracing my story and allowing it to touch their lives.”
“A Nun’s Journey: To Motherhood, Heartache, and Wholeness” by Rene Reid is available now at Amazon.

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About the Author:
Rene’s life took her from the serenity of religious life to the frenzy of political life as an elected public official. In her early life, Rene was a religious education director in Catholic parishes and soon expanded her reach to the media by hosting TV shows and talk radio programs. She was among the first female talk radio hosts in the nation.

Rene created a successful network marketing organization and wrote a bestselling book about network marketing. She is also the founder and Director of Catholic Church Reform International. She lives in Reno, Nevada, and continues her work for church reform.

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