National Cancel Culture Awareness Day will be observed annually on July 12th, beginning this year. The new nationally recognized day aims to bring awareness to the negative societal impact of Cancel Culture, and educate about its inherent dangers.

NEW YORK, NY, July 06, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The launch of a new non-partisan national holiday aiming to oppose the spread of cancel culture and reinforce the societal values of free speech, due process, and open discourse was announced today. The inaugural National Cancel Culture Awareness Day will take place Wednesday, July 12, and will continue with annual observances on the same date in years to come.

Cancel Culture is a dangerous practice that discourages some of our most important social values, and seeks to undermine systems long held in place of holding people accountable. The mission of National Cancel Culture Awareness Day is to expose the inherent dangers of this alarming online trend, which swiftly destroys livelihoods and reputations with permanent and vindictive consequences that are disproportionate to the perceived offense of a collective.

Punishments imposed within the context of cancel culture are often carried out via vicious online attacks by “cancel vultures,” or those who thrive on making mistakes permanent while conveying moral absolutism. Forgoing due process or the respect of opposing views, cancel culture directly opposes things like open discord, instead seeking to silence and harm detractors of a popular viewpoint. Often, the everyday person is most at risk of falling victim, not having a large enough public platform to combat the narrative used against them.

By setting aside one day each year to bring awareness, educate, and showcase the danger of cancel culture, we are reminded to check our own behavior and show compassion for others. The day also aims to quell divisiveness and emphasize the importance of empathy and forgiveness, serving as a reminder that everyone makes mistakes and should be afforded the ability to own and rectify them.

National Cancel Culture Awareness Day will call upon citizens from all walks of life, and both sides of the political aisle, to recognize the threat the practice poses to cornerstones of democratic society, and educate others about why the practice should be ended.

Here are ways to participate in Cancel Culture Awareness Day:

— Use #CANCELCANCELCULTURE on social media, for example:
*Choose Empathy – Not Outrage. #CANCELCANCELCULTURE
*Remember the Golden Rule. #CANCELCANCELCULTURE

— Educate: Reach out to your network to educate them on the negative impact of cancel culture and how to defend against it. Info and resources are available at

— Show support: If you’re the leader of a business/organization who supports free speech and diversity of thought, declare your support of National Cancel Culture Awareness Day to your network and on your social media channels.

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