Does Veritas Global Protection operate in Europe and help European customers as well?

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, May 20, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Veritas Global Protection serves customers across Europe through strong, long-term partnerships and a dedication to excellent customer service. These partnerships represent the desire to help people on a global scale.

Many people think of Veritas Global Protection as a company that operates in the US. Still, unlike many of its competitors, Veritas Global Protection also serves customers in Europe as well. They provide them with roadside assistance and protection from huge bills via their European partners, including Guarantec and WAGAS.

The company began in America in 2011. In 2019, it expanded to offer customers in Central America, Canada, and South America protection. Now, it has partnered with companies in Europe to become a truly global player on the worldwide stage.

Veritas Global Protection has an international perspective, which many of its competitors cannot boast. It provides protection plans to customers worldwide, covering areas like Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Estonia, Greece, Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Norway, and more. Its international presence means that customers all over the place can enjoy:

* Guaranteed coverage throughout Europe rather than just in America (or another home country)
* Long-term assurance that their car isn’t going to result in a huge bill without warning
* Protection from expensive repair costs even after the warranty has expired and no longer applies
* Comprehensive protection and professional repairs done at speed and with a minimal amount of fuss
* Repairs are as stress-free as possible for everybody involved
* The option to transfer the protection over to a new owner when they sell the vehicle, potentially enhancing the value of the vehicle itself
* Efficient claim handling processes, regardless of where you are at the time of the breakdown/vehicle failure
* Innovative solutions and an ongoing out-of-the-box approach to the market

The customer reviews speak for themselves. They demonstrate the success that Veritas Global Protection has achieved and the satisfaction enjoyed by the customers they have served. Being able to provide global services to international clients is no mean feat, and the steps into Europe are a nod toward the success of this company.

Veritas Global Protection provides vehicle protection plans to individuals across the globe, and these include roadside assistance and help with repair costs when they arise. The company covers all kinds of vehicles, including industrial machinery, and works with both used and new vehicles.

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