Today, July 12th, is the inaugural National Cancel Culture Awareness Day. The newly established day of awareness was created to educate about the dangers of cancel culture, and encourage universal rejection of the practice.

NEW YORK, NY, July 12, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Today, July 12, 2023, marks the inaugural National Cancel Culture Awareness Day. The newly launched day of awareness has been established to highlight the threat cancel culture poses to independent thought, free speech, and due process, educate about its devastating consequences, and call for universal rejection of the practice.

Cancel Culture is a social phenomenon in which internet mobs purposely galvanize the public to silence, de-platform, and attack an individual or organization, resulting in significant damage to reputations and livelihoods. Often conflated with holding subjects accountable for their actions by those who perpetuate it, true cancel culture is enacted over a minor perceived offense, and triggers a frighteningly disproportionate response that wreaks havoc on victims. The trend has caused many to refrain from expressing viewpoints or engaging in open discourse about important topics, for fear of being the next target in the cancellation crosshairs.

In recent years, the practice of “canceling” people has quickly captured the zeitgeist of our society and permeated many industries. Increasingly, everyday people are joining the likes of politicians, celebrities, business executives, and brands in being the targets of cancel culture. Unfortunately, the everyday person usually lacks a significant public platform that can be used to defend themselves, thus experiencing the harshest consequences of them all.

In addition to exposing the dangers of cancel culture, National Cancel Culture Awareness Day emphasizes empathy, compassion, and forgiveness. These values are discouraged by cancel culture, which favors outrage and judgment in their place. The awareness day is meant to serve as a yearly reminder that we are all susceptible to mistakes, and should be afforded the ability to learn from them and atone for them, without public shame.

National Cancel Culture Awareness Day calls upon citizens from all walks of life, and both sides of the political aisle, to cancel cancel culture itself.

To help propel the important mission of the National Cancel Culture Awareness Day, join in commemorating this day by doing the following:

• Use the custom GIF on social media (available here).
• Use #CANCELCANCELCULTURE on social media, for example:
*Choose Empathy – Not Outrage. #CANCELCANCELCULTURE
*Remember the Golden Rule. #CANCELCANCELCULTURE
• Educate: Reach out to your network to educate them on the negative impact of cancel culture and how to defend against it. Info and resources are available at
• Show support: If you’re the leader of a business/organization who supports free speech and diversity of thought, declare your support of National Cancel Culture Awareness Day to your network and on your social media channels.

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