Solomon Carter releases the crisis management playbook through the SCCE

ATLANTA, GA, August 15, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — In the August 2023 edition of the Compliance and Ethics Professional Magazine, the publication is offering what the communications industry has deemed “The new industry standard in crisis communications”. The communications playbook entitled “Crisis management and the four pillars of communication” by Emory Healthcare’s Solomon Carter has been exactly what the industry has been looking for.

Carter, also well known for “The COVID-19 Communications Pallet for Healthcare and Government Leaders” which was a communications standardization initiative designed to streamline communication and data during the pandemic. Utilized by states and local municipalities to help bend the curve as a mainframe through better communication, the concept brought uniformity, efficiency and systemization to how information was processed, sent and received saving time which translated into saving lives at the beginning of the pandemic when uncertainty was king. Critical data like the ability for liquor distilleries to make hand sanitizer and Halloween costume factories ability to switch production to make PPE’s became well disseminated solutions that jurisdictions could leverage instead of learning about it on cable television and digital media haphazardly. His mainframe selected the top pain points and ensured everyone had access to them equally. It was ingenious. He is also the architect of The PIERCE™ Model which stands for the Performance Improvement Ethics Risk and Communication Enhancement model adopted by Emory Healthcare and served as the locomotion for the COVID communications initiative as well. Carter’s latest scholarship as author of the crisis communications playbook for global executives entitled “Crisis management and the four pillars of communication” hits the mark once again. His expertise in communication, risk, policy, engagement, and culture shaping are all savvily honed into his latest work.

The playbook touches on several key components for leaders to focus on with themes and concepts expounded on for leaders at all levels surrounding truthfulness, timeliness, accuracy, and responsibility within the communications apparatus. There are other features such as brand and identity protection, compliance/risk, the larger purpose of all communication and other expertly offered nuances that help leadership teams achieve communications and messaging excellence while driving performance.

In a recent presser, Carter stated “It occurred to me that there was a substantial void both fundamentally and at a very high level as it relates to the availability of proven best practices in crisis communications. The need for high level expertise and the methodologies derived from that expertise needed to be translated and distilled into a standardized playbook on crisis management and executive communications in general.” He went on to say “As a result, I published “Crisis management and the four pillars of communication” which is derived from the PIERCE™ Model. It is also a part of the course that I developed and teach to new and advanced leaders at Emory Healthcare, as well as what I offer in consultancy. I’ve been asked by various stakeholders within the leadership and communications space to provide a public educational opportunity and resource through my written work in this area and so this, represents that.” He said.

As a leading communications news source, communication news will continue to be at the forefront of new and cutting-edge technologies and resources surrounding communication. “Crisis management and the four pillars of communication” appears to be the new standard for communications and leadership teams globally with how it’s been received, and we’ll continue to monitor its sweeping applications and effects in this area.

Watch this space.

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