During the first state of emergency, the number of active users reached 39.86 million.

TOKYO, JAPAN, June 17, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — gameage R&I Co., Ltd. (CEO: Seiichi Mitsui) has been conducting various analyses as the only marketing research & consulting firm specializing in Japan’s gaming industry.

Decoding the Mobile Gaming Industry and understanding the Mindset of the Japanese: Along with Upcoming Market Forecasts

In Japan, from May 2023, the novel coronavirus infection was redefined as a “Category 5 Infectious Disease,” making it part of the common infectious disease category. Infection prevention efforts initiated in 2020 have been eased, leading to cities gradually recovering their vibrancy. Nevertheless, numerous considerate and diligent Japanese individuals continue to wear their masks, demonstrating their concern for those around them.

Throughout the corona virus pandemic, numerous activity restrictions have led to substantial shifts within the mobile gaming industry. As these limitations gradually ease, what transformations can we expect in the mobile game market moving forward?

Our company has initiated the sale of a report that consolidates the significant trends and shifts in the Japanese mobile gaming market’s active users during the Corona period from 2020 to 2022, as well as the projections for 2023.

• The Highest Number of Active Users During the First Emergency Declaration
The chart displays the monthly fluctuations in the number of active mobile game users from 2020 to 2022.
Analyzing the trends over the past three years, the peak number of active users was observed between April and May 2020, which corresponded with the first state of emergency declaration. This surge can be linked to the unique instance of the state of emergency that led many people to practice self-restraint amidst an unfamiliar sense of anxiety, as well as the overlap with Japan’s specific long-term vacation culture called “Golden Week.” In fact, during this time, the increase in active female users was greater than male users, implying that individuals who usually do not interact with mobile games were involved in game-playing during this period.

Due to the state of emergency declaration, people were unsure how to act properly, and even during the yearly “Golden Week” – usually filled with travel and leisure activities – they had no choice but to stay at home. This situation may have introduced mobile gaming to those who never considered it as a part of their daily lives. While there are alternative ways to pass the time besides gaming, the choice of mobile games that can be played individually and at one’s convenience might be well-suited to the Japanese disposition.

Looking at the changes in game user numbers, it can be observed that there is a significant growth in active users during the second state of emergency in January 2021 and during the “Period of Intensive Measures to Prevent the Spread” in January 2022. However, this period also overlaps with the New Year’s holiday and is the time of the year with the most active users. Hence, the seasonal natural increase could have also contributed to this rise.

Furthermore, during the subsequent third and fourth emergency declaration periods, there hasn’t been a significant fluctuation, with the number staying around 38 million people. By this time, individuals have become familiar with the repeated emergency declarations, and it is presumed that their social activities and daily habits have reached a stable point in terms of how they spend their spare time.

After analyzing the log data collected consistently over the past three years, it was found that the most significant fluctuation in user numbers occurred between April and May 2020, during the first state of emergency declaration. Since then, the number of users has been relatively stable. Initially, the uncertainty and fear led to confusion about how to behave, but over time, people adapted to the situation and managed to find a balance in their daily lives within the confined society. This outcome can be attributed to the characteristics of the Japanese, who prioritize harmony, show care for their surroundings, and value orderly conduct.

• Mobile Gaming Market During the Pandemic, Japanese Perspectives, and Upcoming Market Predictions Are Showcased!
Throughout the 2020-2022 COVID-19 era, how did the Japanese interact with mobile games in their everyday lives, and what changes can be expected in Japan’s mobile gaming market moving into the second half of 2023? We have compiled a detailed report that includes three years of chronological data and forecasts derived from our proprietary analysis.

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Data for our company’s service “iGage” covering the period from January 2020 to December 2022
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[Report Table of Contents]
• Mobile Game Market Executive Summary
• How Did the Corona Virus Affect Japan?
• Important Cultural Differences Between the East and the West
• Monthly Active Users (MAU)_Overall/Gender
• Active Users_MAU by Age Group
• Active User Trends_Forecast 2023
• Active User Trends_Forcast by Demographics
• MAU RANKING 2020 NO. 1 ~ 50
• MAU RANKING 2021 NO. 1 ~ 50
• MAU RANKING 2022 NO. 1 ~ 50
• MAU Trends of Top-ranking Titles
• MAU Trends by Genre
• Genre x Demographic Correspondence Analysis
• Trends in Average Playtime per Individual
• Publisher Ranking: Yearly Average MAU
• New App Ranking: 2020 WAU Trends
• New App Ranking: 2021 WAU Trends
• New App Ranking: 2022 WAU Trends

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The material provides essential reference data to grasp the Japanese mobile game market, facilitating broad utilization.

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