Also initiates programs in Mental Health, Women’s Empowerment, Childhood Education and Health Care

KYIV, UKRAINE, July 06, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Rebuilding Ukraine, an international NGO composed of individuals and groups devoted to both protecting and rebuilding Ukraine during and after the Russian invasion, is initiating a 24 hour online Hackathon to create and refine new technologies to help Ukraine recover.

According to co-founders Svetlana Shevchenko, Amy Chang, and John Toomey, the project will bring together businesses, startup incubators, churches, and students and experts from Stanford, Berkeley, Singularity University, Oxford, and Taras Shevchenko National University and Lviv Polytechnic National University in Ukraine to develop new technologies and refine existing ones. “We are interested in supporting every kind of tech which will help Ukraine defend itself and rebuild, including carbon removal, AI, mental health tech, cybersecurity, sustainable building materials, drones, green energy, AI, hydrology, construction, building materials, SAAS, autonomous vehicles, aviation, and transport,” says Chang.

A big part of the program involves supporting female entrepreneurs who live outside Ukraine, and who want to begin startups online even before they can return. There are an estimated 4 million of these in Poland, Romania, and other parts of Europe.

A Junior Division is prepping the next generation of entrepreneurs who are still children through teaching arts and crafts that develop imagination, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking. Also planned is a database of AI-generated online courses in Ukrainian which teach valuable skills necessary to every aspect of reconstruction. Courses will be created in Coursera,, and EdApp and shared both with in-country students, and the Ukrainian diaspora, consisting of 8 million Ukrainian citizens who are currently living overseas as refugees.

Rebuilding Ukraine also is creating the world’s largest matching database to connect companies and startups involved in national reconstruction with funders.

The United Nations estimates that more than 15 trillion hryvnia (400 billion dollars) will be required to repair the damage arising from the current war in Ukraine. Even though the war has not ended, it is apparent to many that reconstruction must start now.

The following are funders who have shown interest in assisting rebuilding:

Digital Future: A venture capital fund focused on investing in early-stage technology companies in Eastern Europe, including Ukraine.
TA Ventures: A venture capital firm that invests in early-stage technology companies, including Ukrainian startups, with a focus on sectors like SaaS, Fintech, e-commerce, and more.
Horizon Capital: A private equity firm investing in high-growth companies across various sectors in Ukraine, including technology and innovation-driven businesses.
Intel Capital: The venture capital arm of Intel Corporation, known for investing in technology startups globally, including Ukrainian companies with promising innovations.
Eastlabs: A seed-stage venture capital fund that invests in Eastern European startups, including those based in Ukraine, focusing on areas like software, mobile, e-commerce, and more.
Credo Ventures: A venture capital firm that invests in early-stage technology companies in Central and Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, with a focus on software, mobile, and internet sectors.
TMT Investments: A venture capital firm that invests in technology, media, and telecommunications sectors globally, including Ukrainian startups with high growth potential.
500 Startups: A global venture capital seed fund and startup accelerator program that has invested in several Ukrainian startups in the past, with a focus on early-stage investments.
RTP Global: A venture capital firm investing globally in technology companies, including Ukrainian startups, across various sectors such as software, marketplace, fintech, and more.
Khosla Ventures: A venture capital firm that invests in early-stage companies globally, including Ukrainian startups, across sectors like clean technology, mobile, internet, and more.
U.Ventures: A Ukrainian venture capital fund that invests in early-stage startups with innovative ideas, focusing on sectors such as SaaS, AI, cybersecurity, and others.
Haxus Venture: A venture capital fund that invests in early-stage startups, including Ukrainian companies, with a focus on technology and innovation.

Some of the companies Rebuilding Ukraine will be introducing to funders:

Mate Academy: An edtech startup that provides STEM education and helps grads get their first job in the tech industry.
Finmap: A financial management firm that offers a tool for small businesses to optimize financial data use.
Reface app: An entertainment app that uses AI to allow users to replace faces within images, GIFs, and videos.
Esper Bionics: A biotech startup that develops bionic prosthetic hands with sensory feedback.
Effa Corp.: An eco-friendly startup that produces disposable toothbrushes made of paper.
Snovio: A sales automation platform that helps find leads, verify emails, and automate outreach.
Readdle: A productivity app developer that creates popular apps like Spark, Scanner Pro, and Documents21.

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Rebuilding Ukraine is devoted to helping the country recover from the current war.

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