MIAMI, FL – Palma Planet announces the beginning of their massive production of dinnerware made with 100 % Florida palm leaves that naturally fall to the ground.

Palma Planet is a green socially-minded online-retail store whose founders are passionate about the planet & raising awareness on issues affecting our lands, oceans & minority communities all around.

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Palma Planet manufactures and distributes consumer goods that are 100% made of Florida palm leaves. The business model is based on the concept of a circular economy that utilizes natural and completely renewable resources without harming nature, eradicating waste as an inevitable output of manufacture and consumption.

Palma Planet uses naturally fallen palm sheath from Florida to create a whole range of products, by heat pressing the palm sheath without using chemicals or waxes whatsoever.  Made without paper and able to break down quickly once thrown away, our eco-friendly products are green alternatives to paper and plastic.

“When people think about Florida they think about our beautiful beaches and entertainment, but one of the most prominent things in mind are the abundance of Florida palms that dot the horizon. Even though I have lived in Miami for the last 20 years I never thought about what people do with the fallen palm leaves so ubiquitous in Miami, until a year ago when I started importing palm-based plates made in India for wholesale,” Yoana Petit Founder and CEO of Palma Planet said.

“That’s when I started thinking about the huge opportunity we have not only business-wise but as a company focusing on the creation of green products that are not only good for the environment but for the people that use them.

When we refer to a product as sustainable we’re not just talking about the product itself but the whole supply chain and the structure around it. If these things are sustainable too, only then we should talk about a sustainable product,” Petit added.

The concept was derived with an eco-friendly lifestyle in mind. Palma Planet’s product comes from the Earth & goes back into the Earth, enabling us to live better, smarter & more mindfully. Palma Planet donates 15% of its gross profits to environmental organizations to help communities preserve their natural habitat while building a future where humans live in harmony with nature.

Palma Planet was born from the idea that disposable goods should not harm the ecosystem in any way. Everything about Palma Planet is ecological and sustainable, from the raw materials to the end-product passing through the supply chain, reducing the carbon footprint, and the manufacturing process that does not require any degree of deforestation.

Palma Planet is committed to consumers who are only willing to pay a certain amount for a sustainable product. They pride themselves in reducing their own profit margin so that they can manufacture these products in the United States using 100 % local, natural, and organic materials.

There is no better date than the World Environment Day to announce such an initiative. As a brand whose main goal is to honor the environment and create products that live in harmony with nature, Palma Planet comes into play hoping to build awareness beyond the use of marketing words, but rather using their products as ambassadors of change. “Our generation has long understood that we’re running out of time and that we need to act now. It is our responsibility to create solutions with our planet as the main priority, not just profits”, Petit concluded. 

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