5 May 2020 – Juanita Belle, or Juanita_Jcv, is a popular social media influencer who has amassed significant followings across social media platforms. Attracting loyal fans from around the world, Juanita has emerged as an overnight sensation and secured endorsements, sponsorships, and features in prominent online and print publications across the globe.

Since starting her Instagram modeling career seriously in 2018, Juanita_Jcv has continued to amass a major following on the social platform. Today, she is supported by over 1.4 million followers on her main Instagram page alone, with another 257,000 on her second page, as fans far and wide throw their support behind the world’s next big Internet personality. Juanita_Jcv began leveraging her powerful presence on TikTok, live streams, and Instagram pages to showcase her unique style and personality, and not just her body.

Juanita’s current career is quite the change from her earlier path. Determined to become a well-known barber, she quickly found a passion for modeling and social media after going viral following a simple photoshoot a few years back.

“At first, I started Instagram to grow my following and further my career as a barber,” remarked Juanita Belle, or Juanita_Jcv. “I did a few photoshoots and noticed I went viral. Not only on barber niche pages but also popular fitness and modeling pages as well. That is when I started focusing on becoming the best version of myself, and I started posting modeling pictures and gaining thousands of followers overnight.”

Success came very quickly for the young star. After gaining some 350,000 followers, Juanita_Jcv began securing endorsements and sponsorships from around the world, landing her a feature on the front page of “Model Modele” Magazine. Awarded “Best Model of 2019,” by Influential Model Awards, she even became known for a live stream with American YouTube personality RiceGum, which got over 350,000 views on YouTube alone.

Despite the overnight success, Juanita has remained humble and connected to her roots. Her loving and kind personality helps her connect with fans and sponsors around the world. Active in her family and friends’ lives, she proudly supports several charities through anonymous donations.

Juanita Belle, or Juanita_Jcv, is continuing to connect with people worldwide across social media. Check her out today on Instagram and TikTok.