The Non-Invasive Alternative to Clinical Care – Red Light Therapy Shown to Improve Performance, Sperm Quality, and Boost Male Hormones.

LOS ANGELES, CA, September 28, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The talk of men’s health remains somewhat taboo despite 50% of men over 30, having experienced impotence, infertility, or disappointing performance in the bedroom. KAISAR provides a sustainable and non-invasive solution that addresses these common problems.

The application of Photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT), otherwise known as LED or Light Therapy to the male reproductive organs, has proved to stimulate cell regeneration and improve blood flow. Treatment of just 15 minutes a day has helped boost blood circulation for improved performance while increasing the count and motility of sperm. For personal care in privacy and comfort, KAISAR provides a self-care solution for men.

While KAISAR is the first men’s health device to adopt this technology, red light (635 nm) or near-infrared ray (850 nm) therapy is not a recent phenomenon. For several years, PBMT has been recognized by beauticians and medical professionals for its attributions to improving internal body processes- from reducing wrinkles to reducing inflammatory pain in muscles.

“With no awkward trips to the doctor, expensive prescriptions, or temporary results, KAISAR provides men with a full package, addressing the difficulties of low manhood power to Andropause (male menopause). Better yet, you can operate it whenever, wherever, at the touch of a button. You just need 15 minutes a day, and because it’s wireless, it won’t stop you from getting on with other things at the same time. KAISAR is a life-long solution for men that’s non-invasive and easy to use. No side effects or repeated cash withdrawals. KAISAR is compact but powerful”.

– Seokhee Kang, CEO

KAISAR’s home-care device is enclosed with 40 LEDs (24 red light/ 16 near-infrared), and the emission of light is angled at 120º for optimum precision and intensity. The patent hinge structure provides a flexible and comfortable fit for all widths, arched in shape for discreet use. With 5 complete sessions from a full charge, KAISAR can be used at home, or on your drive to work.

For a limited 30 days only, you can now find KAISAR on Indiegogo at its best price of $219 (Early Bird Single), 26% off retail ($299). For more information and bundle packs, check out their campaign (

The team at DARAM seeks to continue developing safe, effective, affordable and globally accessible healthcare products for men. The CEO of KAISAR, Seokhee Kang is an author ranking in the top 3% in research on flexible electronics technology. DARAM has been conducting extensive research into PBMT in cooperation with urology and orthopaedic experts at major university hospitals in South Korea.

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