A New Era in Alarm and Health Management

OREM, UT, September 11, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Spotter Global proudly unveils the Integrated Management Center® (IMC®) – a revolutionary system poised to redefine the landscape of perimeter security operations. IMC is specifically engineered to manage an enterprise-level Spotter system so that it generates the LOWEST FALSE ALARM RATES in the industry while alarming on targets of interest with a probability above 90%.

IMC is more than a management tool; it’s the key to unlocking the potential of your Spotter radar system. IMC brings to the forefront the issues that are occurring in your system while giving you the tools and technical services needed to fix those issues. Here’s how IMC complements your radar system:

Advanced Radar Integration: IMC seamlessly integrates with your radar systems, across all sites, allowing 24/7/365 monitoring and management.

State-of-the-Art TrackRank© Charting: Unparalleled threat analysis, filtering, data analytics and alarm reporting capabilities.

Health Dashboard: See the health of your entire system at a glance. Pinpoint any radar or camera issues in your system with two mouse clicks.

Technical Services: Regularly scheduled health status and alarm reviews with false alarm reduction by the Certified Spotter Global engineering team

Software Updates: Ensuring all your Spotter technology remains current and valuable over the years to come.

Enhanced Radar Analysis: Dive deep into the functionality of your radars with IMC’s health indicators, providing detailed insights into radar health, performance and more.

Elevate Your Intelligence Solutions:

By adopting IMC, you’re not just investing in a management tool; you’re investing in maximizing the potential of your Spotter radar technology. It simplifies the management of your Spotter Enterprise system, offering a single-line item purchase covering all the software and services necessary to keep your system performing at its best.

IMC isn’t just an application; it transforms your security system into a security solution. By adopting IMC, you’re not just investing in technology; you’re investing in getting the most out of your radar system providing peace of mind that your system will detect potential threats with the lowest false alarms possible.

Learn more about the Spotter Global Integrated Management Center (IMC) and how it can add value to your Spotter enterprise perimeter security system by visiting our dedicated webpage at https://www.spotterglobal.com/imc.

For inquiries, demonstrations, or pricing details, please contact our team at sales@spotterglobal.com or call +1-801-742-5849.

Spotter Global was founded in 2009 to develop and manufacture Compact Surveillance Radar to protect troops deployed around the world from harm. In 2013 we saw the need for an innovative and user-friendly commercial product to protect critical infrastructure. Since that time, Spotter Global has expanded its offering to include models and form factors that cover areas ranging from one acre to 380 acres and verticals that go far beyond critical infrastructure. This allows us to ensure we fulfill our mission of Preventing Harm.

Spotter Global imagines, designs, manufactures and supports ground and aerial Compact Surveillance Radar in the United States at our HQ in Orem, UT. Our software is built from the ground up in Orem with dedicated personnel that ensures the highest quality and concern for customer security. We are proud to operate, manufacture, design and assemble our products here in the USA.

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