Financial resolution for Army veteran is 5 times the initial insurance company offer

BOWLING GREEN, KY, October 30, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers has achieved a significant victory for a Kentucky Army veteran who suffered life-changing injuries in a car wreck near Bowling Green, Kentucky, securing a $250,000 settlement.

In October 2018, the victim was traveling with his brother on 31-W in Franklin, Kentucky, just outside Bowling Green, when they found themselves behind a limousine. At an intersection, the limousine attempted a U-turn and failed to complete the maneuver, giving the victim in the vehicle behind no time to react which resulted in a collision. The Army veteran and his brother, who was in the passenger seat, suffered serious injuries as a result of the limousine driver’s negligence. The collision was also caught on surveillance cameras by a neighboring business.

As a result of the car wreck, the victim underwent multiple surgeries, extensive physical therapy, and a long and challenging recovery journey. Before the collision, he had been an active and self-reliant individual who enjoyed his work, fishing with his son, running, and working on vehicles. However, his injuries left him unable to work at the same capacity and unable to enjoy the activities he loved, as he struggled with his newfound physical limitations.

The victim faced an uphill battle during the legal process. The defense attempted to downplay his injuries, attributing them to pre-existing conditions and the natural wear and tear of aging. They offered an initial settlement of $50,000, far below what the victim rightfully deserved.

“Our client’s suffering was worth far more than the initial offer from the insurance company,” said Lee Coleman, Attorney and Founding Partner of Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers. “He’s a veteran who served our country, and we were determined to fight for every penny he deserved. The defendant’s negligent behavior led to the car wreck and our client’s injuries. Furthermore, the defendant tried to downplay his own involvement and implicate our client as the at-fault party. This is simply inexcusable. Our team of car accident injury lawyers has extensive experience with insurance companies giving lowball offers, and we know exactly how to fight for our clients in order to turn these lowball insurance offers into the high dollar settlements our clients truly deserve.”

After rigorous negotiations and mediation, the legal team at Hughes & Coleman secured a $250,000 settlement for the victim – 5 times the initial insurance company offer.

“Our goal is to ensure that injured victims receive their rightful compensation to regain quality of life and alleviate the financial burden of medical bills and lost wages,” Mr. Coleman stated. “This settlement is a testament to our commitment of helping injured people and their families.”

With over 35 years of experience, Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers knows how to maximize case value and obtain substantial settlements. They understand the tactics employed by insurance companies to minimize victims’ suffering and are dedicated to fighting for their clients’ rights.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident in Kentucky due to someone else’s negligence, do not face the insurance company alone. Get Hughes & Coleman on your side to fight for the compensation you deserve. Read more about recent verdicts won and settlements reached by our firm.

Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers is committed to fighting for justice in Bowling Green auto accidents. The firm recognizes that cases like these are far too common and remains committed to representing those wronged by negligence and recklessness.

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