Haute couture designs are considered to be the most elegant since its inception back in 17th century. With the incommensurable quality that haute couture designs have provided over time, one can not ignore the superior experience that these designs can offer. Though recently, some are of the opinion that the ecstasy of haute couture is fading away with the trend to wear new age designs which are comfortable to wear while leaving the fear of carrying a costly haute couture piece.

A Model wearing Ruffle Pearls Pockets Dress. Image Courtesy: Farah Naz New York

From a point of view of textile engineering, it has been a critical problem to meet the balance as to keep the quality of haute couture and still making it enough portable and comfortable to wear. Many contemporary fashion houses and designers have successfully implemented this balance and compelled us to rethink about modern haute couture designs. Farah Naz from New York is one such fashion designer who has established her eponymous brand in 2018. We found their main objective is to combine the two major concerns of modern ladies which are ‘portability’ and ‘looking good’. These objectives are also incorporated in their handmade classic haute couture designs which include Chantilly French Lace Gown, Cutout Medi Dress, Ruffle Pearls Pockets Dress etc.

A Model wearing Chantilly French Lace Gown. Image Courtesy: Farah Naz New York

But at the same time the brand is very serious about the environmental pollution that is caused by a typical fashion house and for which they have considered sustainable design as one of their priorities. While Farah Naz New York offers a dedicated product line up for sustainable clothing, it also offers selective haute couture designs which are handwoven with eco-friendly fabrics thus combining the sustainable lineup with the haute couture designs. In such an innovative way, luxury high end brands like Farah Naz are bringing the charm of good old classic haute couture back and setting the example of being responsible for a better tomorrow.