Type A and type B are the two kinds of Götz Bad Ischl. For type A, it is suitable for dry, normal and sensitive skin. For type B, it is suitable for oily, combination skin. All Götz Bad Ischl products contains bad ischl spring water, which effectively promotes penetration of nutrients and strengthen skin.

The ingredients of Götz Bad Ischl are self cultivated, from the seeds of highest standards. There are more than 100 plant types in the garden of self cultivation. There are no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or animal fertilizers. All work are manually done, which respects the nature to produce the healthiest plants with the best effects. Besides, it contains rare herbs and plants from over the globe to provide the best effects.

The lab of Dr. Josef Götz uses ” Zero boundary pulsation” for extraction. This way, it retains the best of all different plants, with the active ingredients, promotes penetrations to provide the best for the skin.

Type A high intensity moisturizer (ie. white lotion A ), contains Bad Ischl spring water, it activates the skin’s system to self hydrate, promote penetration of nutrients, helps skin to achieve oil-water balance status. It helps to moisturize dry, tight skin and reduces fine lines and regain elasticity, it delays aging , strengthen skin. It is suitable for dry, normal and sensitive skin. It does not contains fragrance, colorants and mineral oils.

Type B Oil Control moisturizer (ie. white lotion B ), contains Bad Ischl spring water, it effectively promotes penetrations of nutrients, it contains daisy flowers, hamamelis, eddite flower extract, which is an effective formula for sebum regulation , it balances the skin’s sebum production , improves the skin in sebum production and tighten pores.

Sunflower oil, jojoba oil and other ingredients helps keep skin moisturizer, soften skin and provide elasticity. The T-zone are not oily, U-zone are not dry, it is suitable for oily and combination skin. Does not contains fragrance, colorants and mineral oils.

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