The Ultimate Toy Collectibles Auction Comes to Burnaby Auction

BURNABY, BC, August 24, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Direct Liquidation is thrilled to announce its highly anticipated estate auction, featuring a remarkable collection of rare and highly valuable collectible toys. Among the items up for bidding, the auction will showcase the beloved and iconic Barbie dolls, which have brought joy to children across generations.

Barbie, the epitome of fashion, empowerment, and imagination, has captivated the hearts of millions since her debut in 1959. With her ever-evolving style and diverse range of careers, Barbie has become a cultural icon, sparking creativity and inspiring young minds around the world.

This incredible auction provides an exclusive opportunity for collectors, resellers, and toy enthusiasts to acquire these prized possessions. The Barbie dolls featured in the auction are not only a testament to the rich history of the toy industry but are also highly sought-after among collectors of all ages.

A devoted Barbie fan, Tina Johnson, remarks, “Barbie was my childhood companion, my confidant, and my source of inspiration. She represented endless possibilities and taught me to dream big. Owning a piece of Barbie’s legacy would be a cherished treasure.”

The estate auction promises a diverse range of collectible toys that will appeal to a broad audience. From action figures to limited-edition memorabilia, this event will attract enthusiasts who appreciate the value and significance of these treasured items.
In addition to the iconic Barbie dolls, this auction will feature other notable items of exceptional quality and rarity. From vintage action figures to one-of-a-kind playsets, attendees can expect a wide selection of collectibles that will satisfy even the most discerning taste.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of toy history. Join us at the estate auction and immerse yourself in a world of nostalgia, wonder, and collectible treasures.

Auction Date & Time: Saturday August 26, 2023, Starting at 10 AM (PST)
Preview: August 26-29, 2023 10AM -5PM at 2306 Madison Ave., Burnaby
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Items can be shipped anywhere in the world. Calling the auction is Jeff Schwarz, AKA “The Liquidator”, an international reality TV star and auctioneer.

About Jeff Schwarz, “The Liquidator” & Direct Liquidation: Jeff Schwarz has been in business for more than 25 years buying and selling pretty much everything. From selling valuable assets all over the world to liquidating merchandise in the streets of India, and buying and selling collectible assets in China, Dubai, Canada, United States, and Central America, Jeff has made a name for procuring and selling quality goods. Jeff Schwarz has also had a successful TV show called The Liquidator which is currently featured on Amazon Prime Video and Game TV. The show ran in over 160 countries with over 5 seasons of him doing business liquidating items and dealing with eccentric buyers and sellers. Awarded Top 3 Reality Show in the World at Banff Film Festival, Jeff’s motto believes in bringing buyers and sellers together with everyone winning. Jeff is the owner of Direct Liquidation.

Jeff Schwarz, “The Liquidator” has been featured on:
– Amazon Prime Video
– Game TV
– Hit Series “The Liquidator”
– The Rush on Shaw TV
– Global News BC
– Toronto Star
– Globe & Mail
– CBC News
– An announcer at the Canada Reel Screen Awards & Leo Awards
– Breakfast Television
– Plus Numerous Appearances in TV and Movie

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