Can we add sneezing to the “Entourage”?

CARMEL, CA, October 24, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Everywhere you turn when researching Full Spectrum versus Isolate CBD seems to lead to the same term.

The “Entourage Effect”.

The belief that the different cannabinoids in the plant are greater than CBD by itself.

A very creative shout-out to the show by the same name where the sum of the characters was much better than any individual character.

Basically, it implies a synergistic effect from having the whole plant material.

“Implies” being the key word.

The research is mainly based on CBD by itself.

The Full Spectrum benefit has become dogma circulated by people tied to the process of extracting CBD from the hemp plant.

There’s one big thing they are not considering and it’s important.


Equally anecdotal (since that’s the bar), we’ve seen many people have adverse effects to Full spectrum but absolutely love Isolate.

Upset stomach. Fever. Clicking in the back of the throat.

Just to name a few.

All goes away with CBD isolate.

Learn more about this important consideration here:

Full Spectrum CBD versus Isolate – Something to Sneeze About

Until we see more research which points to this “Entourage Effect”, we’re going to stick with just Jeremy Pivens (our CBD proxy!)

A large percentage of the population has histamine issues and we would hate to see them lose out on the benefits that CBD is showing in research.

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