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LAUREL, MD, September 14, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Victoria D. Stubbs is a bestselling author whose passion is to provide visibility for women, and Black women in particular, who are struggling to find their sexual identity as part of their journey to personal, spiritual and sexual freedom.

In her new book, “Untangled: A Black Woman’s Journey to Personal, Spiritual, and Sexual Freedom,” Victoria shares her story of overcoming loss, hardship, racism, and adversity. By becoming vulnerable, being true to herself, and finding freedom in her sexuality and spiritualism, she encourages you also to let yourself be free. Victoria wants you to know you are not alone. The real you might be tangled up inside of its cocoon, but you don’t have to stay that way. Become Untangled from your struggle and embrace your own freedom.

In a recent interview on “Thriving Entrepreneur” radio show, Victoria said, “Know that there are options. There are ways to configure relationships. There are ways to figure out how to be what you want to be. When you’re getting untangled, it’s about figuring yourself out and what’s best for you; whether that be your sexual identity, your job, career.”

Steve Kidd, the Host of the Radio Show, encourages you to get Victoria’s book. “The book is full of great tips that people can actually take action on. Now is your time to get untangled from the things that are holding you back and holding you down so you can really be able to run your race.”

Victoria’s book is now available on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2N4oOnL

After 10 years of marriage to a man, restless and unfulfilled, Victoria began what would become the journey of a lifetime. Withstanding the stagnation of her marriage and years of dealing with infertility, she was prompted to reflect on what she really wanted for her life. At the age of 34, Victoria divorced and acquiesced to her attraction to women. No longer would she be taunted by thoughts and longing for a different life or teased by daydreams of missed opportunities.

Victoria’s odyssey of self-discovery landed her in support groups, therapy offices and social settings where she was often the only, or one of few, Black women. Yet, behind closed doors, she was having very similar conversations as those held in those spaces with Black women who were secretly struggling with the same realities. She continues to evolve on her journey and is happier finding answers along the way than she ever was in a place where she thought she had them all.

Victoria is a native of Albion, New York and she currently resides in Laurel, Maryland. She is a Professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore School of Social Work and maintains a private therapy practice in Washington, D.C.

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