Company Integrates New Functions and Ease of Access With Updated Site

ATLANTA, GA, November 01, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Unistar Technologies- a Technology Based Asset Recovery and ITAD company has launched their new and updated website, The site is aimed at helping clients resell and recycle their corporate owned technology-based assets.

The new website combines comprehensive information and allows clients to upload their hardware lists directly on the website. “The site will be of tremendous value to medium and large sized corporations as well as IT professionals, asset managers, and small businesses. This is a cutting-edge internet site, and we’re excited to launch it for both our existing as well as new clients” according to Doug LaPonzina, President of Unistar Technologies. “We expect to improve the resale experience tremendously through this new user-friendly interface.”

Across the country, there are literally thousands of businesses that are looking for a simpler solution to reselling pre-owned hardware. “With the updated site, many companies and IT personnel will now be able to resell, recycle, and remove large lots of older or outdated assets with ease,” said David Russell, VP of Sales in Salt Lake City.

The company’s website at provides additional information

Unistar Technologies is a provider of ITAD services across all technology-based product lines in North America. Unistar Technologies purchase and recycle abilities are well known for being highly customized and offering a boutique approach for their clients with precision and accuracy in auditing and resale. The company’s mission is to help create a greener footprint while providing a high return to its clients. Unistar Technologies currently has offices in the greater Atlanta area as well as Salt Lake City, Utah.

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