Throughout the year you work hard at keeping your body in the best possible shape it can be. It would be a shame to mess up your progress, especially when you think about the Thanksgiving holidays.

NEW YORK, NY, November 21, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Throughout the year you work hard at keeping your body in the best possible shape it can be. Sticking to your diet, getting regular exercise and taking supplements (like the ones reviewed on Analyze That). Because you put in so much effort, it would be a shame to mess up your progress. Well, this is easier said than done, especially when you think about the Thanksgiving holidays.

Gaining weight over this period of time is nothing new, with thousands of people splurging over the festive season. With delicious treats and eats tempting you around every corner. However, you don’t have to sabotage your health or weight loss journey. With a few changes to your celebrations and Thanksgiving habits you can enjoy guilt-free festivities.

Incorporate Some Exercise
It is more than likely that you will be eating more over Thanksgiving, which does not have to be a bad thing – especially if you can balance your calorie intake with some exercise. Many families have football traditions, where they play a friendly match in their yard before the feast. This is a great way to work up an appetite and burn off some calories.
You could also make getting active a family activity, where you enjoy a walk in the morning and again after dinner. With fall being one of the most beautiful times of the year, this could be a wonderful way to stay fit as a family, while enjoying some stunning scenery.

Cook Healthier Dishes
When you are preparing your Thanksgiving feast you have control over what you will be eating. And while buttery potatoes and sugary treats are great on the taste buds, you can opt to make lighter and healthier options with less sugar and fat. Think about using sugar substitutes, go fat-free with the dairy and reduce the amount of oil you use when cooking. All of these small steps can help you create a delicious guilt-free meal.

Eat Smaller Portions
While you may feel tempted to dish up a heaping plate of your holiday favorites, to stay healthier this Thanksgiving, control your portion sizes. Leave some food for next day leftovers and try to skip going back for seconds. Smaller portions equal fewer calories, so you can taste a little bit of everything without needing to hit the gym straight after.

Take Your Time
Eating your Thanksgiving meal shouldn’t be a race and should instead be something that you savor. Chew every bite and put your fork down as you do so. This will help you to enjoy your meal and make you feel fuller. When you speed-eat, your body gets overloaded and it becomes difficult to digest the food properly. When you take your time, you allow your system to break down your meal bite by bite.

Don’t Drink Calories
While alcohol may be a big part of any festive event, drinking is one sure fire way to rack up the calories very quickly. These beverages are calorie dense and void of nutrition, which means that you could gain weight before eating one plate of food. When you consider that one beer can contain approximately 150 calories and a glass of wine is roughly 120 calories – binge drinking should be a no-no for a health-conscious Thanksgiving.

Go Easy on Yourself
At the end of the day, Thanksgiving should be a time spent with friends and family. It should be a time of relaxation and enjoyment, which is also an important part of your health. If you eat an extra slice of pie or forget to go for a run, you should not punish yourself. Remember to be mindful, present and not to obsess about every calorie or pound.
If you want to keep your health in mind over this Thanksgiving break, just implement a few of these simple tips. Don’t sabotage your weight-loss by indulging, eat smaller portions, get active and just relax. By doing this you will not only feel better and guilt-free, but you might start some new fun family traditions for generations to come.

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