The famous and popular Korean tattoo artist and founder of Redline Tattoo, Artist RP, hit the media spotlight with his creative and mind-blowing tattoos. Tattoo Artist RP is well known for representing and drawing portraits of people who have left the world to engrave their footprints in the sand of time and the hearts of their loved ones.

Tattoo Artist RP’s creative ingenuity has earned him a name across various cities and countries, bringing him more customers and partnership deals. Being recognized for his creativity and hard work, Tattoo Artist RP has partnered and worked as a guest on tour with a lot of tattoo companies and brands. Some of these include the Miami-based House of a Thousand Roses, Paeonia Tattoo, and Inked NYC Tattoo.

Speaking with the Tattoo Artist RP, he said, “It is sad to watch our loved ones go, and the only way we can always remember them is to make them a part of us. Which is why I help various people draw portraits of their loved ones as part of them.”

Furthermore, Tattoo Artist RP explained being a tattoo artist was a skill he developed in his youth, and he is glad he has made a fortune out of it. Aside from drawing portraits of people who have left the world, Tattoo Artist RP tattoo communicates and serves as motivation for both young and old. Among these is a three-headed skull tattoo with the inscription “see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.”

Tattoo Artist RP’s artistry talent is second to none. He is an expert in drawing unique tattoos, from short to full sleeves. Some of his artistry tattoo works include the 60s and70s legend movie director Kim Ki Young, a tattoo of a 1-month-old baby, and a movie titled Brave Heart, amongst others. For booking and reservations, contact him via email at