How wilderness therapy helps to improve academic prowess in adolescents

CLAYTON, GA, August 27, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — In the wake of transformative shifts in societal and educational landscapes, a growing number of adolescents grapple with academic challenges that threaten their growth and development. Recent data from the Brookings Institution, dating back to October 2020, underscores a concerning rise in disengagement from work and school among American teenagers aged 16-19.

Often, academic frustration, avoidance, and failure intertwine with underlying cognitive or psychiatric concerns, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the areas demanding attention. Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness stands as a beacon of hope, seamlessly intertwining academic support with holistic treatment to foster comprehensive healing.

Identifying academic struggles before report cards reflect their impact can be arduous. Adolescents at risk of academic frustration, avoidance, and failure often manifest these indicative signs:

Demonstrating heightened distress about school compared to peers
Battling overwhelming mental and emotional burdens from academic pressures
Evading specific classes, instructors, or activities
Cultivating negative sentiments towards education over time
Exhibiting physical distress (headaches, nausea, etc.) due to school-related stressors
Struggling to complete assignments or academic tasks
Witnessing a decline in academic enthusiasm or grades, even failing courses
Resorting to skipping classes, absenteeism, or withdrawing from social interactions

While these symptoms raise alarms of academic distress, they frequently herald underlying complexities. Recent research underscores that patterns of school-related challenges—such as frustration, avoidance, and failure—often unveil broader issues, encompassing anxiety, technology addiction, depression, bullying, or potentially undiagnosed non-verbal learning disorders.

Navigating these academic struggles requires collective effort, and at Blue Ridge, students and their families do not have to forge this challenge alone.

Blue Ridge stands at the forefront, ready to assess emotional and learning-based hurdles underlying academic underperformance. The Blue Ridge Wilderness Clinical Team is comprised of expert therapists who are able to administer early, on-site assessments, enabling accurate evaluations and recommendations that seamlessly integrate into each individual’s treatment plan. Moreover, these assessments empower students’ onward journey, ensuring that progress transcends the confines of our program.

Blue Ridge’s collaboration with Alta Independent yields a distinctive curriculum, enriching students’ wilderness therapy experience with academic empowerment. Through active participation in our program and dedicated engagement with their Blue Ridge Student Pathway curriculum, adolescents can earn elective credits throughout their journey.

For students in grades 8 through 12, Blue Ridge opens the door to completing seven diverse courses, offering the potential to accumulate up to 3.5 middle or high school credits (0.5 credit per subject):
Journaling/Creative Writing/Reading
Wilderness Science
Outdoor Safety Skills
Life Skills and Mindfulness
Physical Education*

Alta Independent tailors credit options, granting students the choice between Pass (P) or Letter grades for courses, or core credits to contribute to school graduation requisites in English, Environmental Science, and Healthy Living.

Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness goes beyond traditional therapy, weaving an integrated academic environment with personalized healing. Exceptional therapeutic curriculum allows students to reclaim their academic journeys during their stay, recognizing that school challenges often mirror broader struggles. If you are unsure how to address concerns about your adolescent’s academic progress, or if you would like to learn more about Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness, visit our website at, or call an admissions counselor today at 888-914-1050.

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