Recognized certified trainer with distinction and founder of The Fitness Foundry Julio Salado addresses the phenomenon of “breaking even.”

BOSTON, MA, October 17, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Every year 45 million Americans spend time, money, and painful effort trying to lose weight only to gain it back again. Estimates of long-term weight loss effectiveness (defined as losing at least 10% of initial body weight and keeping it off for one year) aren’t very encouraging. Up to 95% dieters fail to keep off the weight. And yet, each year, they try and try again. Is there any salvation from this endless rollercoaster of weight loss and gain? Julio Salado says yes. And he sets out to prove it in his inspiring and practical new book, Break Out of Breaking Even!, which promises a three-step method for taking off as much as two pounds per week and keeping it off for good.

“Breaking even,” explains Salado, a recognized certified trainer with distinction and founder of The Fitness Foundry, a noted online health and wellness resource, “is when you invest all that time and effort in exercising and eating healthy and you’re disappointed by the results in the long-term. Anyone who’s ever been on a reasonable weight-loss plan knows the experience.” Salado thinks it’s time to “break out of breaking even.” And he’s psyched about providing a practical roadmap for doing it.

“This is the first book, I’d say, to head-on address the phenomenon of “breaking even.” Follow the three-step program, he promises, and anyone can lose weight and keep it off. Sound too good to be true?

Mr. Salado relies on sophisticated thermodynamics, biology, and physics for solutions to the weight-loss boomerang problem. The good news: the reader doesn’t need to know any of it. All you need to know is that one pound of fat equals 3,500 calories. Salado lays out the rest in a smart, easy-to-follow regimen of nutrition, cardiovascular exercises, and resistance training that feels surprisingly commonsense. The primary reason people fail when working toward long-term weight loss, the author contends, is that they’re not “training with a purpose.” Most people think they are training with a purpose—the purpose is to lose weight. True “training with a purpose” is more empirical than that. Salado defines it as following an exercise and nutrition plan designed for a specific, measurable goal. The distinction may not seem important at first. But the 3,500- calories-equals-one-pound-of-fat rule turns out to be a marvelously effective gauge for calibrating weight loss objectives. “It’s amazing what happens,” Salado says, when you can see exactly where and why you’re gaining and losing weight.”

Salado lays out an easy-to-follow program (the book includes an extremely helpful workbook) that helps dieters assess their goals and put science-based tools to use to create realistic, measurable, personalized goals. And he’s heavy on the issue of motivation—understanding what holds people back and how to overcome the obstacles. Salado calls the program A.I.M. (Assess, Initiate, Motivate). The steps he lays out can be practiced immediately. “We all face challenges when it comes to weight loss and fitness,” he explains. “For some people it’s sugar cravings. Other folks feel unsure how to begin or can’t find the time to work out. The A.I.M. Method is designed to navigate you through your weight-loss journey. It’s a compass to help you reach your goal.”

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Julio Salado, a native of Boston, is the founder of, a leading online resource for health and fitness. For more than a decade he has been helping individuals achieve their body sculpting and personal training goals. He was recently voted Boston’s #2 best personal trainer by Boston A-List. His blend of western exercise science and holistic arts has been showcased on TV, radio and print.

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