Florida is one of the most attractive cities in the United States. Known as a tourist attraction and home to some of the best architectural masterpiece in the world, the city of Florida is surrounded by over 1000 lakes which add more beauty to this magnificent city.

Florida is a home to famous people like Donald Trump, O J Simpson, and Hollywood sweetheart George Clooney. A visit to Florida will be a once in a lifetime experience, and also dubbed as paradise on earth by most people. Notable cities in this state include Orlando, Jacksonville, Panama, Hollywood, and Miami.

Sport and recreation here is top-notch, with many gyms and over 1000 golf courses littered around the city, it is labeled as” golfers paradise”.

Florida is a complete replica of how an ideal city should be, with numerous facilities like schools, hospitals, 5-star hotels, and rehab centers on hand to attend to it resident’s needs.

Our focus isn’t on the glitz and glamour the city of Florida offers but on rehab centers in this area. The city of Florida has a good number of rehab centers with the case of drug addiction now a national issue, as the number of alcohol and substance abusers keeps skyrocketing every year, the need for a rehab center has never been greater than it is now.

Just like the city, the rehab centers here are built with an eye for aesthetic. Notable rehab centers here are listed below.


This facility is located in Panama, Florida. BTG was established with the aim of drug and alcohol addicts overcome their addiction. BTG is a non-profit organization as most services are affordable and free to people who can’t afford the payments. They are purpose driven and motivated towards bridging the gap between addiction and normal life. Their aim is to help an individual come clean.

BTG recognizes the fear most people have towards rehab centers, which is why their program sometimes covers feeding and accommodation.


The environment and comfort in this center are second to none as patients are offered the best comfort they can ever get, with a swimming pool, barbeque and volleyball court provided to prevent individuals from getting bored.

Their residential facility is located on the beach, which is also a bonus as this feature is fully utilized to give clients a wonderful experience. This facility balances treatment and comfort.

Away from the glamour, this center is highly capable of helping individuals recover from their addiction.

Their programs tackle drug and alcohol addiction, as well as behavioral disorders like depression, anxiety, grief, and loss. Detox and aftercare programs are also available.


The recovery place is a rehab facility located at Fort Lauderdale Florida, United States. They take patients through the process of recovery in areas like alcohol and drug addiction, substance abuse and self-prescription.

The recovery place is a Christian rehab center which adopts a faith-based approach towards recovery. Their treatment plans cover detox, relapse prevention, and sober living. This facility is well recognized and highly rated across the country.


Transition house is a rehab center established to help individuals suffering from depression, grief and emotional trauma caused by domestic violence.


This facility was built with one eye on aesthetic. They operate a dual diagnostic program which lasts for a duration of 60-90 days. They help clients overcome drug and alcohol addiction, gambling, addiction to sex, trauma, depression and other behavioral disorder .their team of the therapist is fully licensed under agencies like mental health counselors.


Atlantic rehab is a physical rehab center with specialization in areas like injury, fall prevention, fitness, strength, and condition as well as looking after the health of women.


This facility is a family owned, fully licensed and accredited outpatient rehab center, which specializes in physical rehabilitation. Med America has been in existence for over 20 years, with programs organized in areas like physical therapy, and chiropractic care. The give attention to minor cases like pain and injuries sustained from accidents or falls.

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