Middle East Disaster Is A Result of Biden’s Weak Policies

LAS VEGAS, NV, October 22, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Stephanie Phillips, Republican candidate for United States Senate said she supports all aid possible to Israel in its war against the Iranian backed terrorist group, Hamas. However, she said she opposes any aid to Gaza. Phillips noted the war in Israel, and the worsening situation in the Middle East are a result of Joe Biden’s weak policies. Hamas is being funded by Iran and armed with weaponry left behind in Afghanistan during Biden’s devastating Afghanistan withdrawal. Biden’s policies have encouraged Iran and terror groups. The results are dead Americans in Israel, Americans held hostage by Hamas, and American strength at an all-time low.

Phillips said that there should be no mention of aid to Gaza with Americans held hostage. Rather Biden should have made it clear that all American hostages must be released at once and the United States was considering all options if they were not. Until terrorists know there are consequences for taking Americans, more Americans will be in harm’s way.

There should’ve been no mention of Ukraine. Biden wants to continue to fund their war protecting Ukraine’s border, asking for over $60B to Ukraine yet asks for a mere $6B to protect America’s southern border. Biden’s failure to protect our southern border has allowed in known terrorists leaving Americans vulnerable to attack.

“I support 100% any and all aid to Israel as they go about defeating Hamas once and for all,” said Stephanie Phillips. “At the same point I oppose any money to Gaza. We are seeing daily their feelings towards the United States when they take to streets shouting death to America.

“Israel would not be under attack today, Americans would not be dead and held hostage in Gaza if Joe Biden had shown strength rather than cowardice to our enemies,” concluded Phillips. “We must never reward terror and Joe Biden’s aid request for Gaza would do just that.”

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