An engaging fictional—yet relatable—read written by Source Guide Desiree M. Palmer centering on a single Mom fighting to save her family while falling in love.

WICHITA, KS, September 24, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Desiree M. Palmer envelops readers on a profound journey of self-exploration as experienced by Satori Stone with the release of “Made of Stone: Book One: Satori Series”. As single mother who’s essentially lived a normal life until her world is turned upside down by unseen forces, it’s up to Satori to discover the ‘who’ and ‘why’ concerning why she’s being targeted and halt them before her family is harmed any further.

With the help of a mystic and a newfound love in her life, this story takes a dramatic turn as she is forced to take charge of her destiny as a manifestational being and energetic force. “Made of Stone” is the first in a three-part fictional series that explores the power of loss, love, spirit, vibrational energy and healing stones. Can Satori discover how to access universal forces and dormant powers she needs to master in time to save her family and friends?

According to author Desiree Palmer, “We have the ability to shape our reality. Our thoughts and emotions control our vibrational frequency and that brings forth what our future and present circumstances contain. Satori Stone by the end of her series, I hope, will teach the world about the secret world of energy manipulation and manifestation.”

Paperback copies of “Made of Stone: Book One: Satori Stone Series” can be obtained through Amazon here, and signed copies can be obtained through Satori Source Flow Healing Center directly. Learn more about energetic stones and crystals such as the one featured on the book cover at Quantum Stones.

To schedule an interview or to receive additional information, contact Desiree Palmer @ [email protected] or at She may be reached by phone at 316-992-0530.

Desiree Palmer is the founder and owner of Satori Source Flow Healing Center in Wichita, KS, a venture she undertook after leaving the corporate world. As a certified energy management professional and source guide, she is drawn the body’s natural ability to heal itself through vibrational energy and manifestation. With a commitment to her spiritual path and by embracing increased frequency crystals like Quantum Stones and other healing tools from nature, Desiree was inspired to pen her first fiction novels for the Satori Stone Series. She has also authored other successful non-fiction books including “The Human Customer Experience and the Not So Secret Formula” and “Satori Wellness Journal”.

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