Gone are those Christmas mornings when you awaken refreshed & enjoy a Christmas breakfast before opening presents. If you’re a busy mom, it might be even more of a struggle to get through the season, here’s a list to help you have an easier Christmas

JERSEY CITY, NJ, December 17, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Long gone are those quiet Christmas mornings when you awaken refreshed and enjoy a delicious Christmas breakfast before opening presents. As a mom, you are now awakened way too early by noisy kids who want to tear apart the pretty gifts you wrapped with so much care and then fight throughout the Christmas breakfast. If you’re a busy mom, it might be even more of a struggle to get through the Christmas season (as we sometimes tend to forget about ourselves when we’re so concerned with our kids). If this is the case, make sure to visit Mommy Authority which is a great resource for helping mothers cope with being a Mommy.

If you want some guidance in terms of how to survive all aspects of Christmas as a parent, make sure to set up a general plan to get through the holiday time. Think of all the possible things you may encounter such as decorating, cleaning, cooking, shopping, hosting and visiting.

Decide on a budget
Think about how much you would like to spend on dinners, food for parties, travel, decorations and gifts and start saving money accordingly.

Make a gift list
Make a list of the gifts you can afford and would want to purchase before the kids start demanding what they want. Consider one item they need, one they’d wear and one they’d want. Also make gift lists for other people for whom you’d be buying gifts such as your co-workers, grandparents, father, mother and husband.

Organize the decorations
Make a point of organizing your Christmas decorations a few months in advance. Place them in containers labeled with the area or room of the house they will be used in. This will make it much easier as each box can be placed in its respective room when it’s time to decorate. The cleaning up will also go a lot faster.

Shopping tips
For a busy mom, Christmas shopping can definitely be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be if you are prepared ahead of time.

– Make a gift list a few weeks or months before Christmas and try stick to it.
– If you are bringing the kids along when shopping, make sure they are fed and rested. Another option is to leave them with a family member or a sitter.
– An excellent time to shop is when most people are at work or early in the morning before most people feel like going to the shops for a more peaceful shopping experience.
– If you are not a fan of the Christmas time craziness, why not shop online?
– Start stocking up and looking for Christmas presents for next year in January if you are interested in getting a few special deals.

Party tips
Decide whether your party will be a potluck, buffet or sit-down dinner. A dinner or buffet menu will probably be best if you’re having a formal party while snack foods, dips or finger foods are ideal if it’s an informal get-together.

Make sure to get your invitations out on time, as Christmas time is usually party time for everyone. You can send them out by mail, online or even by using a physical invitation. Get in contact with those who haven’t responded a week before to get an idea of how many people will be attending. Check your list the morning of the party to make sure that you haven’t forgotten something – don’t wait until an hour before the party starts to check everything as this will only add some unnecessary stress. Read more about how to prevent and release stress.

Lastly, make sure that your kids are ready – do they need a nap, bath or snack before the guests come over?

Safety tips
Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to keep your kids safe during the holiday time:

– Delicate ornaments should be placed high up on the tree.
– Keep breakable or sharp decorations out of reach of toddlers and babies.
– Keep alcohol locked away and out of reach.
– Make sure to tuck away any extension cords to avoid anyone tripping over them.
– Keep matches and candles out of reach.
– Keep any little pieces of bolts or plastic (when putting together toys or opening presents) that could possibly be choked on out of reach.

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