There are major changes taking place in the way people work. And there are some companies already offering the offices of the future. Coworking spaces have opened in Mexico Cities and in smaller cities like Monterrey, Guadalajara, Hermosillo, and Torreón. We decided to investigate and find out which were the best coworking spaces in Mexico for entrepreneurs and freelancers and after a thorough research and visiting places this is the list we put together.

  1. Metric Impact Workspace

Metric Impact was founded by Pepe Kamel in 2012. Metric Impact offers state-of-the-art dedicated desks around an atmosphere of several services planned to help entrepreneurs and freelancers succeed. Surrounding the workspace, Metric Impact offers the services of an incubator, an academy, and a tech branch offering software development, digital strategy and technology consulting. Metric Impact is more tailored but not limited to entrepreneurs and freelancers looking for utmost quality and technology advisers. Space offers ONLY elite and comfortable dedicated desks but the prices are even lower than other coworking spaces that look more like a Starbucks coffee shop than an office. There are three membership options with a vast array of options.

  1. WeWork

Several events are a very important part of the WeWork experience. WeWork holds some events, including professional and social. The events happen every day to assist you to make and keep a good team. There are regular office hours to happy hours with the community. There is time for working and having fun. By connecting, you can learn many things, and then you can grow your business. The connection is very important for business. For the membership, you need to pay $45 each month. You will get the direct access to the Member Network online. You can also get the access from a mobile app that is available on Android and iOS.

  1. El 3er Espacio

El 3er Espacio is a membership-based coworking space that charges by the hour. It is a home for several freelancers and entrepreneurs. There are several monthly networking events and conferences. Space is only available on weekdays. But, you can go see and co-work freely for one day. You just need to give an hour’s notice.

  1. Centraal

Centraal is located at Zamora 187, Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City. It is a space where you can work and meet people like you. In Centraal, You could find entrepreneurs and many people from several disciplines. You will be able to share your ideas and develop your projects.

Those are Mexico’s Top Coworking spaces for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Each of them has strength and weakness. From our focus group it was concluded that the best coworking space for a successful business is Metric Impact because of the quality to price-ratio, the strategica location of the space and because all of the additional services you can get from them. WeWork’s space is pretty big and comfy but it is more informal and clients will not really take you seriously. El 3er espacio is pretty decent priced and most concluded that was the only reason they would choose it over others. Centraal has a good vibe but the place is dirty and service is very bad, focus group described the atmosphere to be “too hipster”.