Izabael Dajinn Celebrates 11 Years In Business With Her Magick Spell Casting Service on October 11th In The Following Of Magickal Practices on The Great Aleister Crowley

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 11, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Izabael.com feels proud to announce her 11th anniversary this year. In an era when magic and demons only live within the television screens of our homes, Izabael DaJinn launched her shop introducing her magic spells, including black magic, revenge spells and white magic; she calls them her “magick spells.” For eleven years, she has been summoning demons, Djinn and casting spells to fulfill her customers’ desires. She feels honored to receive positive feedback and appreciation from her clients. Izabael.com will commemorate the celebratory occasion through promotional events.

Izabael DaJinn had her training in the most elevated forms of magic, including Qabalah, Goetia, Golden Dawn, Thelema, Witchcraft and Shamanism. She takes her “magick” inspiration from the Hermetic literature of Plato, John Dee, Paracelsus, Israel Regardie, Gerald Gardner, Aleister Crowley and many more.

Aleister Crowley’s Importance To Izabael

Her anniversary is on the 11th year and celebrating on October 11th. If you are wondering if there is a significance on 11 there is. Izabael is a follower of Aleister Crowley, a popular occult of the 20th century. He gave much importance to number “11” and proposed that many magical practices have a link with it. He insisted on adding a “K” in his doctrines of magical spells, which is the eleventh letter in the English alphabets. This also distinguished his work from other magicians. Izabael DaJinn, a very popular caster herself of this era, prefers to follow Aleister Crowley.

For each magic spell, Izabael provides her customers clear instructions in order to achieve results as per their needs. She also offers a catalog for unique and personalized spells. Most recently, the website announced a discount on many services and spells. They are striving to become successful globally by continually improving their services and consultations.

According to Izabael, her magick spells can take from a day to a month to deliver results. She believes that the subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind, and hence her magic spells are a result of her subconscious mind. She designs “magickal talismans” (a way of casting a spell) on the Hermetic source mentioned above. She doesn’t promise absurd claims regarding her magic spells and asks her customers to be patient with the results. She believes in the “Butterfly effect” which means that magickal spells show their effects naturally. The website doesn’t offer refunds, but it invites its clients for consultation.

Other than being a famous caster, the website’s owner is also a published author. Her books include Moon Age Daydream and The Magick Book; Everything You Want to Know About Magick (But Were Afraid To Ask).

Join us on this auspicious occasion and celebrate her 11 years of success!

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