Why Go Vertical and How to Make it Work in Your Space

NEW YORK, NY, June 22, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Living walls have been a popular design concept for years and it’s easy to understand why. Vertical plantings offer a variety of benefits and look incredible. See how John Mini uses living walls to beautify and enhance your space.

Living walls are not a new concept. In fact, you could say green walls have existed through the ages. Vines and ivy climbed walls since the first buildings were erected in ancient times. But that was just the beginning. Today, a live green wall may encompass a gorgeous collection of plants arranged in a way to dazzle employees and guests alike.

In an area where there’s a bit less room for decorating spaces, virtually every room in Manhattan, the verticality of a live wall is impactful. Living walls not only save precious space, but also look absolutely breathtaking. Preserving space is important outdoors as well. In urban areas, space for landscaping can be just as hard to come by as it is indoors.

Vertical landscaping displays don’t just save space, they enhance it in fantastic ways. There are few pieces of art that are more remarkable than a living wall. From massive, awe-inspiring monoliths of green to moderately sized vertical plantings in waiting rooms or offices, live walls impress through their eye-catching designs and unexpected vertical placement. The appeal of these unique plantings can be accentuated in a number of ways. Many varieties of plants may be combined within living walls to display an array of colors and textures to harmonize your design intent. Just like a planting plan on the ground level, The layout of plantings can be adjusted on a wall. This is shown in such projects as our living wall for the Metlife New York Headquarters.

The advantages of living walls don’t end there. There is a host of ways green walls benefit the locations they occupy. Outdoor living walls can help preserve a building, increase its value, and reduce costs while protecting the environment to boot. By diverting away water from rainfall and providing shielding from heat fluctuations and UV rays, live walls protect buildings from the elements. Reduced costs are realized in your energy bills as the wall aids in cooling and insulating the space in the extremes of winter and summer. The vibrant appearance of living art increases property value and shows the world your business is committed to eco-friendly green spaces.

With years of experience installing and maintaining living walls and partnerships with the best living wall manufacturers in the world, John Mini Distinctive Landscapes is your go-to company for sensational living walls. Our horticulturalists and designers will work with you every step of the way to specify the perfect living wall system for your space and pair it with a design to achieve your vision. Our team will regularly visit your wall to ensure your landscape gets the maintenance it needs to remain beautiful for years to come. What are you waiting for? Contact John Mini and let us green your screen from the ground up!



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