Largest Policyholder Says These False Claims Don’t Help Them

ORLANDO, FL, August 18, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Greg Lindberg recently responded to the latest allegations regarding his insurance companies.

“I invested over $500 million in my insurance companies,” said Lindberg. I never took a penny of dividends. The allegation that I somehow defrauded them while investing $500 million in them and taking no dividends is entirely absurd.”

“I also hired over 100 investment professionals, lawyers, and accountants and spent tens of millions of dollars on their compensation to ensure that insurance reserves were invested according to the affiliate loan compliance plan that I personally drafted,” said Lindberg.

This detailed affiliate loan compliance plan mandated that the insurance investment team follow a whole series of processes to comply with the laws and regulations governing these loans, said Lindberg. “In this compliance plan I appointed six individuals to the clearly defined Investment Compliance Department and Insurance Investment Underwriting Team. I was not one of those individuals,” said Lindberg.

“The government is claiming that the transactions were not disclosed, yet we supplied emails showing the transactions were disclosed to virtually everyone on the management team of the North Carolina insurers, including the Chairman of the Board of the management company,” said Susan Estrich, the spokesperson for Lindberg.

Politically Motivated Claims Designed To Paint A Negative Picture Of Lindberg In The Press

“This case is simply to attempt to pressure Lindberg and paint a negative picture of him in the press,” Estrich said. “There was no loss to anyone.”

Lindberg says that during his 633 days in prison, he “saw this movie” hundreds of times. “The government makes all kinds of false allegations to try to get you to settle. They use high pressure tactics to try to roll over defendants and get them to admit things they never did. It’s bullying pure and simple,” Lindberg says.

“This entire case is driven by the politically motivated animus of North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey,” Lindberg says. “This case started with Mike Causey’s political vendetta after I supported his opponent in the 2016 election,” says Lindberg.

“This case has nothing to do with Justice or protecting policyholders. In fact, our largest policyholder has said that prosecution of this case does not help them. It’s just one more example of the prosecution machine that faces any American who is unlucky enough to be in the cross hairs of the government,” Lindberg says.

Mike Causey Told Staff He Targeted Lindberg For Political Reasons, Lindberg Says

Lindberg notes that this entire affair began when Mike Causey started targeting him upon coming into office in January of 2017. “Mike Causey told his staff that he was targeting me because I supported his opponent in the 2016 election,” Lindberg says.

Causey ran for the position of North Carolina Insurance Commissioner five times before winning by less than 1% of the vote. Lindberg supported Causey’s opponent. Immediately upon taking office, Causey ensured that Lindberg’s insurance companies stopped receiving fair and equitable regulation.

Rather than address Lindberg’s legitimate business concerns, the Commissioner used his position to attempt to entrap Lindberg. After the government accused Lindberg of conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud and bribery concerning programs receiving federal funds, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit unanimously ruled that his conviction violated his Constitutional rights and must be vacated.

“I am fighting every day to ensure policyholders can access all of their benefits as soon as possible, and it’s high time for cooler heads to prevail and to do what is right for those policyholders,” Lindberg said. “Policyholders don’t want more litigation. They want the current sale and financing transactions to proceed to close so they can access their funds,” Lindberg says.

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