Holn Gaming From Hobbyist Playing Game to Achievement

NEW YORK, NY, August 02, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Holn Gaming is one of the esports clubs from the city of Mataram, Lombok, Indonesia. Since establishing this club, they have won many local, national, and international competitions. One type of esports under the auspices of this club is Efootball Having many players full of talents and achievements that are already worldwide makes Holn Gaming one of the best clubs in Lombok, Indonesia.

The row of wins they scored made holn gaming very respected, and no player dared to fight them to compete in every local competition. All their achievements are obtained from hard work and perseverance they practice almost daily.

The victory achieved by Holn Gaming
International Tournaments
– Finalist Efootball Open World Championhips 2023 in Japan (player holn asgard azizi)
– 1st Efootball Open World Championships 2022 in Japan player (player holn Asgard Azizi)

National Tournaments
– 1st Bupati Cup Sumbawa barat 2021 (player holn asgard azizi)
– 1st Qualifications Atlete PON XX Papua 2021 (player holn asgard azizi)
– Runner Up President’s Cup East Indonesian region 2020 (player holn asgard azizi)
– 1st JCC training camp 1v1 2022 (coach holn mukaram)
– 1st 1 Co-op 3v3 Efootball Pes Euro Cup 2022 (coach holn mukaram)
– 1st Qualifications for Efootball Pes NTB PON Papua Athletes in 2021 (player holn pranata)
– 1st Garuda Eleven Efootball Mobile Season 2 2022 (player holn pranata)

The bad news is coming from Holn Gaming. This year they failed to defend their first 2022 world title at the international Efootball Open World Championships.

Holn Gaming players ranked third in the group stage, so they did not advance to the next round.

In the group stage, Holn Gaming players were in group B, along with the other participants, and Holn Gaming played in three matches. Against representatives from Brazil, Tunisia, and China.

The results of the first match were against representatives from China, Holn Gaming was defeated and drew against representatives from Brazil; in the last game against representatives from Tunisia, Holn Gaming won the game, but Holn Gaming lost on-point goals and is in third place in Group B. game goes on very tense because the finalists include professional players. Skill and mentality are the most important, and representatives of Brazil came out to become world champions in the open.

Holn Gaming may send its players back next year in the Efootball world champion match. And while waiting for the 2024 Efootball World Championships. Holn Gaming and all the players are training again. Because it’s not easy to take part in the Efootball World Championship, before becoming a finalist, the online selection is against players on their respective continents. To be able to send all players from Holn Gaming to the world championship Efootball World championships

Currently, Holn Gaming has four players in different divisions. And have one coach
1. Holn Asgard Azizi Efootball Mobile division
2. Holn Pranata console Efootball division
3. Holn Ekiko division Efootball console
4. Holn Halfan division Efootball console
5. Holn Mukaram Efootball Coach

Holn Gaming now focuses on all world-class competitions and continues developing its wings in various online games that young people worldwide love. They also often share exciting information about games on their social media platforms, Instagram and YouTube ( @holngaming Instagram, hold gaming youtube ).

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