Battery recovery in 5 min without any external power! A smart system diagnoses & manages the vehicle via app with enhanced battery life

NEW YORK, NY, September 12, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — DH ENERGY SYSTEM, a leader in automotive start battery technology, proudly introduces the REVENANT B-Smart Battery System.

Have you ever experienced a dead battery? It’s a common frustration when driving – your battery is dead due to various problems like poor connections or long-term parking. Portable chargers require pre-charging, and calling roadside assistance service (AAA) takes time and money.

The REVENANT B-Smart Battery System’s standout feature is its intelligent self-regenerative start system. Unlike traditional jump starter methods that rely on external power, this system can independently start your vehicle without any external assistance. The advanced Battery Management System (BMS) integrated into the battery enables self-starting without the need for external power, allowing REVENANT B to restart on its own in just 1 minute, saving users’ time and minimizing their inconveniences.

Another crucial feature of REVENANT B is that it is equipped with a battery discharge prevention system. In particular, low temperatures can affect battery discharge, but REVENANT B’s built-in AI optimizes battery performance that changes depending on temperature in real time to prevent discharge accidents. The discharge prevention function, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), monitors battery status in real time and maintains optimal condition, predicting and preventing potential discharge problems. Additionally, intelligent management of battery power consumption minimizes stress factors and improves lifespan.

DH ENERGY SYSTEM’s REVENANT B-Smart battery system is a connected service utilizing integrated ICT and provides vehicle database management function through the vehicle’s OBD2, allowing users to monitor battery performance, GPS, pedal dash cam, and driving records and others.

Additionally, this system allows users to monitor the battery’s status and performance in real-time through a user-friendly app and notifies users of the optimal time for battery replacement, enabling smart vehicle management.

The application scope of the REVENANT B-Smart Battery System extends beyond personal vehicles to various industries, including gas vehicles, hydrogen-fueled vehicles, electric vehicles, motorcycles, heavy equipment, home generators, diesel generators, yachts, railways, and military vehicles.

REVENANT B is currently available on Kickstarter, a renowned crowdfunding platform that supports innovative projects. To learn more about this innovative solution and secure the REVENANT B-Smart Battery System at an exclusive early bird price, please visit the Kickstarter page.

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