Even if we have warned people about various scams in the past, people don’t realize their fault. In case of Ethtrade, they stopped some big volume investor’s payout these days. These investor’s reports went reported in Feb. 2017.

For every investor who did some research in advance before they invest, it was obvious that Ethtrade was a just company based on the paper without any confirmed information.

The address listed for Ethtrade was totally fake, their So-called Fintech didn’t exist at all. Any company without confirmation by Bitcoin.org’s list and coindesk cannot be the right place to invest.

While users are complaining they have not received a payout for several days, Ethtrade deleted their all accounts. Chief advisor of Coindesk said that it was determined that they can’t receive the money back after the big amount is invested.

For now, it seems clear to say Ethtrade is dead for high-rollers, and those users will not be able to see their money back. One expecting problem is they are enlarging their scams toward Asia markets including Philippine and Korea. Moving fund to your Local account is highly recommended.