“Everything IS TICKITTY-BOO” is a heartwarming children’s poem book by Crayton Maerz, filled with playful verses and captivating illustrations, a beloved favorite among children and parents.

NEW YORK, NY, August 17, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Prepare to be swept away on an enchanting journey of whimsy and wonder with the heartwarming children’s poem book, “EVERYTHING IS TICKITTY-BOO” by the talented storyteller, Crayton Maerz. Bursting with playful verses and captivating illustrations, this delightful book has quickly become a beloved favorite among children and parents alike.

“EVERYTHING IS TICKITTY-BOO” transports young readers to a charming world of magic, where the protagonist spends blissful days feeding favorite pigeons, ducks, and squirrels in a park by a picturesque pond. Amidst clouds that transform into captivating shapes and playful daydreams, young imaginations are set free, finding joy in even the simplest wonders of life.

The story takes an unexpected turn when the protagonist encounters the mysterious Tickitty-Boo Parade. A tiny figure appears, zipping and zooming through hills and woods, drawing the attention of young readers who eagerly follow his every move. The parade brings an array of fanciful characters to life – penguins on horses, a goat afloat in a boat, kings and queens in submarines, and even a castle with a moat – leaving children wide-eyed with wonder and excitement.

At the heart of “EVERYTHING IS TICKITTY-BOO” lies a profound and positive message about embracing life’s imperfections and cherishing the simple joys. Crayton Maerz weaves the concept of Tickitty-Boo, where everything is perfect just as it is, encouraging children to find beauty in the ordinary and contentment in the present moment. The book fosters a sense of gratitude and happiness, reminding both children and parents to see the world through a lens of wonder and appreciation.

Since its release, “EVERYTHING IS TICKITTY-BOO” has garnered widespread acclaim from both children and parents, earning praise for its captivating storytelling and vibrant illustrations that bring the magical world to life. Parents have found themselves captivated by the heartwarming tale, appreciating the positive values it imparts, while children have been spellbound by the vivid imagery and joyful adventures.

“I cannot express how much my child adores this book. The charming characters and whimsical verses have made it a bedtime favorite for us,” says Sarah Thompson, a delighted parent.

“Tickitty-Boo is now my new favorite word! I love the dancing alligators and the colorful parade. It’s the best book ever!” exclaims eight-year-old reader, Emma Roberts.

“EVERYTHING IS TICKITTY-BOO” not only entertains young readers but also fosters a love for reading and language. Crayton Maerz’s poetic brilliance ignites children’s imaginations, encouraging them to dream big and explore the wonders of storytelling. The book has become a cherished addition to libraries, schools, and family bookshelves alike.
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Don’t miss the chance to embark on this delightful adventure with “EVERYTHING IS TICKITTY-BOO.” Crayton Maerz’s captivating verses and vivid illustrations will transport you to a world where imagination knows no bounds and everything is wonderfully Tickitty-Boo.

“EVERYTHING IS TICKITTY-BOO” is available in bookstores nationwide and online.

About the Author:
Crayton Maerz is a gifted storyteller and wordsmith whose literary brilliance captures the hearts of readers young and old. With a passion for enchanting tales and a love for sparking imaginations, Crayton weaves magic through the power of poetry, bringing joy and wonder to the world through his beloved children’s poem book, “EVERYTHING IS TICKITTY-BOO.”


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