Automated Trading solutions provide a suite of capabilities to support a wide range of automated and algorithmic trading activities. These software solution acts as a real-time, flexible virtual warehouse for all types of merchandise. These software solutions have even helped a lot in improving the efficiency for trading desks operating with a fewer front-end staff. The accredited sales representatives can use an automated trading application on their phone to keep a check on the stock from one or a number of sources in real time, comparig it against their own in-house stock, which would partially automates the process of restocking the inventory. The automated trading software could be extended not only to the suppliers of goods, but also to the service providers.

Thus that would help a lot in the improvement of the quality of execution for large orders.  A personal user cabinet present in the application allows the buyer and the shopkeepers to access and keep a check on how much stock they have currently and its usage over time. These kind of software’s have the capability to view payments over any time period, with addition to that these software’s could be easily integrated into the companies’ accounts. The payments made and due can be easily monitored and can also be viewed by item or category, so the popularity of various ranges of products can be compared with ease.

There is a huge variety of different kinds of automated trading systems designs available around the world these days but the best ones are developed by the Edison Software Development Centre. These software’s offer the suppliers that they can access the applications with administrator status and can compare the purchase history of different buyers, and can even view the snapshots of purchases across the specific time frames as well as the tracking trends over time, as well as for a specific item categories. Software’s like these give access to its user’s so they can place orders with ease, check the availability of goods at the warehouse and could even monitor the payments. The database is synchronized with company accounting software in real-time. Individual orders can be easily viewed, with the confirmation and payment status been displayed on the screen. Application’s like these are highly valuable for the suppliers as they allow the suppliers to monitor their stock so as to track the ideal time to make a new order, as well as set special offers on the specific items or across the brands and product lines. Map’s present in it would help you show delivery routes to buyers and shopkeepers, so they can easily calculate the delivery costs and can even track the deliveries once they are made.