ARCIS Health offers comprehensive COVID-19 solutions and resources for companies. We provide end-to-end capabilities to get your organization back to work faster via our network of industry-leading service providers and vendors.

DALLAS, TX, June 20, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — “Our goal is to provide clients with the highest level of employee care and safety. In these efforts, ARCIS is able to connect you directly to experts with deep domain expertise in each part of the value chain,” said Phil Webb, COO and Co-Founder of ARCIS Health.

ARCIS Health is a team of healthcare leaders and executives uniting together during this crisis to bring its collective expertise to help organizations get back to work. Management’s previous work in healthcare domestically and internationally, with both the civilian and government marketplace, enabled them to quickly leverage their network to bring its benefits to bear in this fight against COVID-19.

What Does ARCIS Do? ARCIS connects you directly to the experts and resources to match your individualized plans.

Who Does ARCIS Help? At ARCIS, we focus on helping offices, manufacturing facilities, retail, restaurants, schools, camps, and other entities get back to work. In this, we are oriented towards the private sector.

Why choose ARCIS? Protecting, testing, and caring for employees is integral for any company returning its teams back to their customary workplace environs. Prevention, mitigation, and containment are three basic elements in a strategy delivered by the service providers and vendors identified by ARCIS.

Shortage of access to 2019-nCoV Tests, ARCIS works with testing labs and supply chains to help bring new capabilities online. We quickly put our clients in touch with this new capacity being offered by long-established labs fulfill the client’s needs.

National scale, These labs are located across the nation. As well, each routinely services clients outside of their local area during their normal operations. Further, ARCIS can engage other service providers to augment those lab’s existing capabilities.

Shorter processing times, ARCIS manages an extensive network of lab relationships to your company’s size and testing requirements so that the proper lab can typically deliver results under 48 hours.

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ARCIS Health engages you with the resources needed to safely restart your employees’ regular activies.

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