441 auto rental floridaClassic bedtime stories in the Dascanio household have the potential to be quite different: “Once upon a time in the car rental business, people had to fill out long forms and got surprised on their bill with lots of extra charges…”

For manager Brian Dascanio and the team at 441 Auto Rentals the 25 year old story actually is a classic and the fairy tale is real. Annoyances for rental clients such as long forms and extra fees have been banished for good since the business began.

Owned and originated by the Toyota of Hollywood dealership, 441 Auto Rental was the first retail rental outlet of its kind in South Florida, and the experiment has proven an industry-topping success ever since.

“Because we’re owned by a dealership, from the beginning we simply threw out a lot of the normal middleman overhead and problems,” Dascanio says. “Our prices, conveniences and quality have been world-changers since day one, so our competitors have had dozens of years to hate us for it. And that’s just the way we like it!”

Although other dealerships have duplicated the model since then, 441 remains the largest in South Florida and one of the largest Toyota rental outlets nationally.

Having a dealership bloodline confers a long list of benefits. For starters, 441 rents only new Toyotas, benefitting both the rental customer and the dealership. “Renters know they are getting a great car every time,” Dascanio says, “and we have a lot of renters turn into buyers that way.”

Another benefit of the set-up is solid performance. “With nothing but new Toyotas in the fleet, the idea of ‘car problem’ pretty much just doesn’t exist. The reviews and testimonials we get are 100% stellar.”

The power of the dealership also allows for a broad model selection and means that even hourly rentals are possible. 441 Auto Rental offers the full line of Toyota models, including Prius and Scion for any period from one hour through monthly, full term leases and rent-to-own.

Acknowledging that great prices are a primary advantage, Brian points out that “When you realize the things we don’t charge for… our net daily rate is lower.”  Competitive prices start with new rental cars coming directly through the dealership, but according to Dascanio, great cars and great prices were just the starting point.

The company made hassle-free rentals a top priority from the start. Over time, the rental process has been completely streamlined. Dascanio boasts, “We can finish a rental, forms and all, in two minutes flat sitting in a car. It’s just not a big deal anymore.”

Find out more online at http://floridatoyotarental.com/.

441 Auto Rental
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