Jeffrey Adan is not your average creator/designer. Aside from being a skilled musician, the 20 year old kid spends most of his time putting his ideas on paper. He has created a plethora of product designs, but the young creative genius decides to build his exclusive prototype for what he calls a “necessary avant-garde”

Introducing Fi. The future of wireless broadband networks. Fi (fye) is a nuance of the traditional eye glass with the embodiment of wifi technology. It’s unique shape and architecture surpasses the experience of any existing product known to man. Fi is a wearable low strength accessory that captures the signal of your workplace and reroutes the signal to a distance up to 10 feet. Fi serves to eliminate scattered users throughout the office space so executive leaders can conduct meetings with their employees via centralized network connections. Instead of scattered employees in the workplace, executives wearing Fi can reroute the wifi network remotely to a common area to conduct a mandatory meeting. It captures any wifi signal while providing employees with a fast internet connection when their around the wearer.This reduces the strength and range of the signal to just 10 feet.

Jeff says ” The beauty of Fi is none other than the opportunity for employees to connect with their leaders. Literally”

The young inventor has already collected a tremendous amount of offers for Fi. But says he will sought out the company that has history in successful product knowledge and a vision for creative measurement. This is only the beginning for the young entrepreneur. It’s only a matter of time for his creations to surface the world.