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Landmark Iran Nuclear Deal Inked

Negotiators have reached a landmark deal to reign in Iran’s nuclear program after months of rigorous talks that spanned close to 20 months. While reactions from the violent Middle East are just pouring in, the Republican Lawmakers have vowed to fight this deal tooth and nail. The agreement was a focal point of U.S. President Barack Obama’s foreign policy. The final meeting of the representatives from the P5+1 nations took place in Vienna on Tuesday. “Today after two years of negotiation the United States together with the international community has achieved something that decades of animosity has not: a...

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Remove Judge Victoria Brennan for illegally sentencing Thaddeus Martin

On May 27, 2016 a young Man by the name of Thaddeus Martin was illegally sentenced to 5 & 10 years State Prison for a violation of probation for counts 1 & 2 by Judge Victoria Brennan , Mr. Martin attorney advised Judge Brennan that Martin was not on probation for both counts, but the Judge tried to get Martin attorney to admit to this false and Malicious prosecution on the record, as soon as Martin attorney advised the courts, the Judge interrupted his speaking, and sentenced Martin illegally, we felt she and the State did not think Martin...

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Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

Dennis Gonzalez Jr., is an experienced Criminal litigator. He has argued and prevailed on numerous Criminal Jury Trials, Motions to Suppress, and Motions to Dismiss.  Mr. Gonzalez also served the State of Florida as a Criminal Prosecutor in Miami-Dade County. Possess the following accolades: – Former state prosecutor – Excellent rating from Avvo – NADC Top One Percent Nomination – Fully licensed to practice in all Florida State Courts Miami Criminal Defense and Former Miami Prosecutor Dennis Gonzalez Jr offers his clientes 24 hour service in Miami-Dade County for Drug Trafficking, Fraud, All Felonies, Misdemeanors, and Federal Charges. If you or a loved one has recently been arrested CALL 24 hours at: (305) 209-0384 for a free consultation. Visit Website: Phone: (305)...

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How Florida Plans to Adopt a Better Way to Treat Addicts and the Mentally ill

This year Florida has taken large, historic strides to help those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol as well as those who are suffering from a mental illness, thanks to the laws that were passed by state Legislature. A longtime advocate for this pressing issue, Miami-Dade’s Associate Judge Steve Leifman, told the Miami Herald, “I would call this the most substantive changes to the way we treat those suffering with mental illness and substance abuse since the Baker Act passed 45 years ago.”  Not only do the new laws help addicts and those who have a mental illness, it also requires that law enforcement, the criminal-justice system, and health professions to provide a united front when finding treatment for those who are suffering from these particular afflictions. For far too long, the jails and prisons in Florida have been the only “treatment centers” available as a first resort, which are absolutely inappropriate locations for conducting rehabilitation. In just a couple months, the people who are affected by addiction and mental issues who may find themselves in trouble with the law because of those very same reasons, will find themselves experiencing a more humane system.  This new approach has been give the name “no wring door” which will help guide them into the appropriate centers, whether that be a rehab or a psychiatric facility, instead of abandoning them behind...

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Craggy mountains to pleasing hills and with alluring coast,Italy, where football is the most popular sport, and the players with bright blue jersey like their country’s bright blue sky, has an epitome of talent, a person with positive aspect of life, an excursionist, a Football lover, a passionate person with interesting hobbies and impressive personality, Gianluca Cugini. He is unbeatable master of national and international, a celebrated football statistician who surly knows his act very well. He worked for DATASPORT for Milan and International Federation Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) because of his erudite art of stats and mastered skills. Being a traveler with great love for travel, Gianluca Cugini has been blessed with good luck, which not many own. He stepped into more than 110 countries and with keen observing ability he has developed many hobbies, one of which absorbed most of his attention, is statistics on deep water monsters the Blue sharks. For him, stats is the source of enjoyment and delight. It is more a passion than profession. “I have great passion for football and stats” adding to this he says, ” Important thing to become a skillful football statistician is to have passion and understanding of both and it’s even batter if you played football. I did overall young football tournaments” He started football statistics at a very young age. When he was 22 he showed...

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